Wow Minneapolis … Was That An Early Cold snap Or What?!

frozen pipes minneapolis, water damage minneapolisI was NOT prepared for that …nor was my sprinkler system or outside plumbing! Luckily I don’t think we sustained any damage thankfully but it did make me panic a little.

Of course, I tried to ease my stress by googling! Unlike most times I google something, what I read did calm my nerves a little. So I thought I would share what I learned.

How should we deal with an early freeze to help prevent water damage in your home?

The FIRST thing to do is shut off the water valve for your outside water. Open outside faucets to get rid of any water inside the pipes.

Most irrigation systems have a place near the main water source to blow out the lines with an air compressor, so if you can get a hold of an air compressor yourself before your scheduled winterization appointment, it’s worth giving it a shot to blow out whatever water you can.

The good news is that one night of freezing temperatures probably isn’t going to ruin your entire irrigation system, but you still want to get as much water out of those pipes as possible.

That means shutting off the water at the source. Do not let the sprinkler run all night in an attempt to keep things flowing despite the cold. Blow out whatever air you can and then make sure the professionals complete the rest of the winterization process as soon as possible.

A cold snap isn’t a death sentence for a sprinkler system, but you still want to get it winterized as soon as possible if that cold weather sneaks up on you.

Rest assured Twin Cities, we will survive this early cold snap. I did hear by next week we should be warming up a bit and the white stuff will be gone! Friendly reminder; If you haven’t scheduled your irrigation winterization, do it today! Mine is getting done tomorrow …Yay!

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