Why Is Summer a Big Season for Minneapolis Water Damage?

Minneapolis Water Damage RepairWe’re in the thick of summer. This naturally stresses your home’s plumbing. Whether you have been taking multiple showers to nicely cool down after outdoor exercise or even to keep your flower bed hydrated, you are probably using more water than usual these days.

Unfortunately, this increases the likelihood of water damage through your own plumbing. You may be surprised to learn how common it is. That means you have to keep a close eye on your plumbing system this summer to avoid expensive repairs. Here are the common causes of summer water damage according to our 24 Restore experts.

Minneapolis Water Damage Repair

Summer Rainstorms

During the summer, rainstorms can be harsh. These storms could even cause hail and also water damage. High rainfall, as well as falling debris, could soak your property to the point where professional restoration is required.

After a big storm, it’s critical to assess the damage to your building. One of the most significant items to inspect is your roof. You may be in big trouble if there is even a small leak there.

Pipe Breaks

As stated earlier, your plumbing is more stressed during the summer. More usage means more wear and tear on the plumbing system. A pipe burst in your household is more likely if your pipes are constantly in use. Whether the leak is evident or hidden in a basement or crawl space, there is a threat of water damage. 

A/C Overflows 

During the summer season, air conditioning, as well as window units, can cause water damage to the structure. While it may appear impossible to beat the hot weather without air conditioning, you must be mindful of just how much condensation it generates. These A/C units can generate excess moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, and they could leak inside your household, damaging your floorboards and carpets.

Residential Irrigation Systems

Summer is the most common season for people to mow their yards, maintain the green grass, and also keep everything looking neat and tidy. Property irrigation systems can be set up to water all of your grass and plants, especially if you live in an area where steady rain is rare. As helpful as these devices are, it is critical to be alert to any water problems. Don’t ever direct your garden hose at your house, as puddles could form and seep into your foundation, causing water damage in your basement.


Water damage can indicate a variety of issues. Its severity can also vary greatly. Flooding is one of the most expensive types of water damage. You may not believe it will happen to you, but severe flooding can occur. It is important to be prepared for the chance and know who to contact if you require restoration assistance.

If you encounter any problems and require water damage repair in Minneapolis, 24Restore can assist you. We offer dependable and efficient water damage repair solutions, and our experts can help you avoid future damage to your building caused by unseen damage. Call 24Restore today.