Water Damage? What You Should Do Now

water damage cleanupWater damage can happen to anyone and most homes in Minneapolis have multiple potential sources of water damage including a leaking or burst pipe, leaking appliance or water heater, or local flooding. The truth is no one is safe from water damage. Knowing what to do for water damage cleanup can save a homeowner a lot of headaches and a lot of money.

Call a Water Damage Cleanup Professional

While homeowners can do several things to help mitigate their water damage losses, calling a water damage cleanup professional in Minneapolis can be one of the best decisions they make. A water damage cleanup professional will be able to get to work quickly, identify all the areas in which the water has travelled to, and can immediately begin extracting water, reducing your losses and reversing your damages.

When dealing with broken pipes or flooding, the potential for hidden water damage is great. A water damage professional in Minneapolis can use a number of tools including moisture meters and thermal imaging technology to find areas of water damage and make sure those areas are dried promptly and correctly.

Identify and Address Potential Risks

With water damage there is always the risk of electrical shock. Always be sure to turn off electricity to the affected area, and don’t turn it back on until a professional has ensured it is safe to do so. Unplug appliances or electronics in the affected area, and do not use a standard household vacuum on wet surfaces.

If the water damage is a result of flooding, there are other risks homeowners should be aware of during cleanup. Floodwaters can bring or allow rodents, snakes, and other pests to enter your home. The water may also be contaminated with various bacteria, viruses, parasites, and pathogens that can cause serious illness or infection. Always wear protective equipment and clothing to protect yourself and your health.

When to Hire a Water Damage Cleanup Professional

In most cases where the water damage has affected an area that is larger than 100 square feet a professional water damage cleanup company can help mitigate the damage and reduce the possibility of mold growth. If the water damage covers a large area or there is still several inches of water present in the home, hiring a water damage professional is necessary to ensure prompt, thorough water removal and drying.

24Restore provides emergency, 24/7 response for water damage emergencies in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to handle your water damage cleanup.