The Importance Of Drain Cleaning!

water damage minneapolis, water damage st paulI recently learned a very important life lesson of home maintenance. So important in fact, I feel like a terrible, neglectful homeowner and I am honestly ashamed and embarrassed to share this.

I changed my mind about not writing this when I started thinking that sharing my negligent experience could maybe help another homeowner prevent the disaster of water damage.  Unfortunately, this was not the first water disaster I have had in my home (thankfully I know an amazing company that has come to my rescue every time, no matter the day or time!). This was my 4th  water disaster! (ugh!) BUT this was the only one I take full responsibility for …because it could have easily been prevented!

What could have prevented it you ask?!

Why a simple drain cleaning! That’s right, drain cleaning. It is a maintenance thing us homeowners should keep our eyes open for. Just like any other home maintenance thing (aka air filters! …etc.!) Especially when you have a large family as I do!

So here’s the scoop. I have a drain in the floor of my basement furnace room. (I feel like I also need to add that I rarely even go in this furnace room, this is for my own personal justification!) Never thought anything about that hole in the floor, it was just there in case ‘things’ may overflow or leak! (‘Things’ meaning  “I have no idea … never really thought about the ‘things’ and why it was really there!) BUT when they did overflow (nothing actually overflowed, the drain was CLOGGED!) the water did not go down the drain! Because it was Clogged! So, I now have since learned (thanks to my amazing plumber!) that this is pretty much my ‘main drain’. Everything that passes through my pipes flows (unless it is clogged;’) ) through this bad boy!

When the plumber came out to unclog my drain they found hair, grease (* I should note, we have a septic, and I drain all my grease from cooking into jars … and I cook a lot! ( I REALLY LOVE cooking!)

I am very diligent about this, so I was shocked when he said grease!) and soap scum to be the culprit. Bottom line …just ‘normal use’ caused my clogged drain (over an 8 year+ period!), that I should have had (at least) annual cleanings. Oh my! There I shared it!  If my neglect can help anyone in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul or Twin Cities area prevent a water damage than I know it happened for a reason!

I have a rec room on one of the adjacent walls of my furnace room that has some damage due to the water. I included some pictures of the water damage scars. Just in case you were wondering about my sad buckled baseboards etc., as soon as 24Restore is done (or at least somewhat caught up) with all the ice dams and frozen pipes we are experiencing in the Minneapolis area, they will be coming out to do the full reconstruction after my unfortunate water damage …(that I totally could have prevented!) I have no stress about it, I know I am good hands! When you are in the midst of water damage or smoke/fire damage, always remember material things can be fixed!

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