Six Ways To Keep Your Home Water Damage And Restoration Free

water damage restoration minneapolis, water damage minneapolis, water damage repair minneapolisPreventing water damage and restoration costs doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be time-consuming. By reliably following a few simple steps, you can prevent the vast majority of potential water damage disasters in your home. From our water damage restoration experts at 24 Restore in Minneapolis, here are six easy things you can do to prevent water damage in your home. 

Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis

Grade Your Yard Properly

The slope of your yard plays an important role in preventing water damage and restoration costs. Your yard should be graded away from your home so that water naturally runs in the opposite direction from your home. If your yard is sloped in the other direction for some reason, you should be extra cautious about runoff water flowing toward your home. 

Fix Leaks Immediately

Leaks in your home are obviously a gateway to water damage. If you notice any leaks, you shouldn’t waste any time before calling in a plumber to help you fix the leak. 

Clear Clogs With A Drain Snake

Clogged drains are another recipe for water damage restoration. Fortunately, most clogs can be repaired fairly easily if you employ a drain snake. If you don’t own a drain snake, it is worth investing in one so you can quickly remove any clogged materials from your drains before they cause any problems for you.

Disconnect Your Hoses

This task couldn’t be more simple- disconnect your hoses! Any leftover standing water in your outside hoses can freeze during the winter, expand, and burst, breaking your hoses and causes all sorts of havoc on your home. Be on the safe side and always disconnect your hoses at the change of seasons and store the hoses away from your home if possible.

Own And Inspect A Sump Pump

Having your sump pump break can be another nightmare and cause water to leak into your house from the outside. It’s not a cheap fix either, with the average sump pump repair costing north of $1,000. By checking the performance of your sump pump at least once a year, you will be able to spot any issues and make smaller repairs to extend its life and prevent any potential flooding due to a failure.

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Well

If you ever have to ask the question, “Is this something I should put down the garbage disposal?” the answer is probably no! Putting items like eggshells, coffee grounds, and grease, down your garbage disposal will overwork it leading to potential malfunctions and leaks later on down the road. 

While it may seem intimidating at first, you can keep your home water damage free! As you stick to the simple tips mentioned above and remain vigilant, you should be able to keep your home free of unwanted water damage. However, give us at 24 Restore in Minneapolis a call for help if your home does ever suffer from any water damage.