Clogs Lead To Waterlogged And Water Damaged Bathrooms

water damage restoration minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolis, water damage repair minneapolisClogged toilets can happen in the best-kept homes. Backed up sinks can spill gallons in minutes. Busy families can forget when someone’s filling up the tub. From faulty plumbing to a sewage backup, it doesn’t take much to flood the bathroom. Knowing the common causes of bathroom floods are important, and so is calling the proper team for water damage restoration 24Restore in Minneapolis

Debris and Build-Up in Your Shower Drain

Pipes are designed for the downward flow of water- not trash. Some of the most common foreign objects blocking your shower drain include:

  • Hair
  • Soap and scum build-up
  • Plastic wrappers and lids
  • Hair bands and pins
  • Sanitary items
  • Children’s toys

Use a shower drain catcher to trap any stuff before it ever gets into your pipes.

Sometimes, old galvanized drains can start to rust from the inside causing a restriction in the flow of water draining away. Plus, there are many minerals and other substances found in water, and they can leave sediment deposits on the inside of your pipes. If enough sediment builds up, it can restrict or even block water flow through your shower drain.

Over time, the structure of your pipes can weaken, leading to cracks and breakage. When there are cracks in the pipe, it is much easier for bits of hair and other debris to get stuck, leading to blockages. Bad installation can also lead to blocked shower drains.  

Mold and Environmental Hazard Remediation and Removal

Your bathtub and toilet drain down separate pipes until they reach the main sewer line, which is the primary pipe to which all drains in your house lead. Eventually, all the drained materials mix and are forced out of your home through one line: the sewer main.  So any extra water in your bathroom needs immediate attention. 

For safety sake, you will want to address bathroom flooding as quickly as you can. Standing water quickly seeps through the bathroom floor and down into the subflooring. As it soaks baseboards, drywall and cabinets, the water creates a humid environment that can breed mold and mildew in just 24 hours. And if the mess came is “black water”, you have to get the experts in right away. 

Let the hazardous materials specialists at 24Restore take care of your environmental damage restoration project. They will evaluate the damage and assess the best method of removal, cleanup and remediation. Whether the situation is a chemical spill, sewage backup or just excess mold from a leaky water pipe, they can repair and restore it all.

Minneapolis Water Damage Restoration

Bathroom clogs and floods are the worst! When you have an emergency, call for help. Minnesota based 24Restore can evaluate the damage, assess the extent of needed repairs, prepare an accurate estimate and provide cleanup. The technicians will stop mold causing moisture at the source, then remove, cleanup and restore damaged parts of your home or business to like new condition. 

24Restore offers fast response; someone will be on route to your home within one hour. For more than 15 years, 24Restore’s technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle all kinds of water problems. 

If your home does suffer from storm damage, don’t let it sit overnight or wait to hear from your insurance company. Contact 24Restore; the on-call emergency team is always available.  Wind, hail, lightning, flooding, heavy rains, and freezes can destroy your home and damage your belongings; 24Restore can quickly help clean-up the mess left behind.