Common Misconceptions About Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration minneapolis, water damage minneapolis, water damage repair minneapolisWater damage is one of the most common home insurance claims not only in Minneapolis, but also across the nation. Because water damage is so common and can come from multiple sources and causes, it can affect your home at any time. Since you can’t predict water damage, the best thing you can do is be prepared to respond if and when it does happen. The problem is there is a lot of misleading information out there regarding water damage, so it is important to not fall victim to these 3 common misconceptions regarding water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Minneapolis

Water Damage Will Resolve Itself

The truth is water will not just dry up on its own. In fact, water is able to penetrate anything it comes into contact with, meaning it is easily absorbed into materials like drywall, wood, carpet, and floorboards. These materials are porous , so they hold on to moisture even when it appears that all the water has dried. When this moisture is left trapped in places you cannot see, it will only lead to further damage like mold growth and deterioration. Just because you cannot see the water, it does not mean that the damage has been remediated. Proper water extraction, moisture detection, and dehumidification are necessary to ensure the best possible water damage restoration for your home.

Water Damage Restoration Can Wait

Water damage compounds over time, so a fast response is absolutely crucial to ensure successful restoration with the least amount of damage possible. So if you think water damage can sit, just know that the longer it sits the worse the damage gets. The window between initial water damage and the beginning of mold growth is very short (as little as 24 hours) so even putting it off for a day greatly increases the amount of damage your home can sustain. The best thing you can do for your home following water damage is call a water damage restoration team right away. 

The Smell Will Eventually Fade. 

When water damage is not dried quickly or completely, mold and mildew will begin to grow. Mold is a type of fungus, so consequently it gives off a very strong and distinct odor wherever it grows. Unfortunately, the smell will not go away until the mold is cleared up and all the excess moisture is removed from the area. Not only does mold smell bad, but prolonged exposure to mold can also cause a lot of health problems like coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, headaches, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, and skin irritation. Do not wait around for the smell to fade, and get a restoration crew on it right away. 

No matter the source of your water damage, or the time it occurs, our water damage restoration experts are here for you. Water removal is a complicated task, and without immediate action the damage will only get worse. 24Restore has the right equipment and training to ensure that your home is fully dried so that mold and structural damage are not a future problem. Let us take care of all of your water damage restoration needs.