Water Damage Repair After Minneapolis Snow Storms

water damage repair minneapolisMinnesota gets 32 inches of rain and 52 inches of snow per year.  This precipitation blesses us with fantastic lakes, wonderful cross country skiing,  and gorgeous home gardens. And if you don’t have a plan, some of that moisture will also cause water damage as it enters your home. 

Water Damage Repair Minneapolis Services

24 Restore has provided water damage repair services to dozens of homeowners in Minneapolis and we know that a good, quality mudroom can help save your homes from damage due to water, snow, and mud.

Good, Quality Mudrooms

A well-planned mudroom can keep your home free of mud, snow, water, and grime from outdoors. Your mudroom is a place to neatly store shoes, coats, and supplies. Keep your home clean and organized by creating specialized storage compartments for gloves, hats, scarves, keys, earmuffs, and any other outdoor items you regularly use.

Since a mudroom is a drop zone to remove clothing and shoes you’ve worn outside, it also makes a great spot for a pet and all their gear. Water bowls, damp bedding, and dog kennels can all harbor mold and create water damage. 

For maximum efficiency, stock important weather-related items in your hall closet. Stow bottles of sunblock and bug spray, stash umbrellas in a bucket on the floor. Store wet coats, dirty boots, and vacuum there. Many people also keep cleaning and housekeeping supplies in a caddy in their hall closets (since they may be hazardous to children and pets). Hall closets also make a great storage spot for things you only need occasionally, as long as you don’t forget where you put them. If you don’t have a garage or a shop, put your toolbox with household tools and baskets filled with toys or games on the floor. 

General Water Damage Repair Tips

As with any of the more hidden and less used areas in your home, keep a lookout for areas of water damage. Practice good habits around all sources of water in your home.  

  • Check the laundry connections often don’t overfill the loads. 
  • Uninsulated (or under-insulated) mudrooms with plumbing must be protected from freezing temperatures. Focus on the external walls. 
  • Watch your doors, thresholds, and windows during a driving rain. Replace any damaged or torn insulating weather stripping. Adjust the threshold door sweep as needed.
  • Walk the gardens after heavy rain. Does water pool in the low spots? Correct problems so water drains to the street and away from the foundation.
  • Check the framing and bottom of all exterior doors. Poor design and maintenance lead to mildew, mold, and rot. 
  • Use rubber-backed mats under pet dishes to protect floors.
  • Store steam cleaners, mop buckets, and cleaning rags when fully dry; don’t lean a wet sponge mop against the drywall.  

When you have a winter water damage emergency, call for help. Minneapolis-based 24Restore can evaluate the damage, assess the extent of needed repairs, prepare an accurate estimate and then start cleaning up to like-new conditions. The team will also take all precautions to prevent mold. 24Restore’s technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle all kinds of water problems. 

Don’t wait to hear from your insurance company, contact 24Restore’s emergency team now.