Water Damage Restorations: Debunking the Myths

Water Damage Minneapolis, Water Damage Repair Minneapolis, Water Damage Cleanup Minneapolis, Water Damage Restoration MinneapolisWhen a homeowner experiences a water damage disaster or a flood damage event they often get confused on what is fact and what is fiction. Here at 24Restore in Minneapolis, we hear a wide variety of myths each year and want to let homeowners know what is fact and what is fiction.

Please Note: Whenever a water damage disaster or flood damage event occurs, proper restoration measures must be followed to make property safe. If you experience a water damage disaster contact your local, certified professionals as soon as possible.

Myth: Water Damage will clear up on its own once the leak or source has been taken care of.

Fiction: Unfortunately, water damage does not just go away, drying out magically. Damage from water and embedded moisture hangs around. It can hide in walls and under floorboards. Doing nothing is exactly what allows rot, mold, and mildew to thrive. When these things happen, they are hazardous to everyone’s health and, if left alone, will cause more damage and property loss.

Fun Fact: Mold can start to thrive in as little as 24 hours.

Myth: No insurance companies are going to pay for water damage restoration.

Fiction: When it comes to insurance, every situation is unique. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance should cover this expense, or at least go a long way in covering it. The first thing you should do when a water damage disaster occurs is to contact a professional water damage restoration company and they will work with your insurance company on covering the repairs. Why should you contact a restoration company before your insurance company? Simple. You get to pick the restoration company you get to work with. If your policy covers the damage, your insurance company is obligated to work with the restoration company you choose to work in your home. Plus, the restoration company can jump through hoops and do the legwork for you.

Myth: Sewage is just like any other water damage.

Fiction: Water damage restoration myths couldn’t be more dangerous than this one. Sewage, or “black water”, is not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination and is not easy to clean. Most of what it touches has to be removed – permanently. Sewage carries millions of bacteria that can cause nasty illnesses. For your own safety, it is crucial to hire a professional to remove the sewage and sanitize anything that has come in contact with the sewage.

Myth: Once the carpet is dry we don’t need to do anything else.

One of the most common misconceptions during the water damage process is removing the drying equipment before the drying process is completed. When your carpets are dry to the touch you may think your property is dry, but you are most likely incorrect. You cannot rely on your carpets, cushions, or external surfaces to tell you when your property is completely dry.

Surface areas can dry much faster than the areas behind your walls, under your floor boards, or in your ceiling space. Improper or incomplete drying can transform a small water damage event into a large-scale mold removal project. Professionals use thermal devices to check for spots of excess moisture in areas the naked eye cannot see. Trust the professionals to determine when your property is completely dry. If you do questions whether or not the process is complete ask the restoration company you’re hired to show you where the excess moisture is.

24Restore is dedicated to providing the best customer services possible and that includes answering your questions about water damage and the water damage cleanup and repair process. If you have any questions, concerns, or are suffering from a water damage disaster contact our professionals today!