Regularly Flushing Water Heaters

water damage minneapolis, water cleanup minneapolis, residential water damage minneapolisManufacturers recommend getting your water heater flushed annually, but what does “flushed” really mean? And do you really need to flush it that often?  As a follow up to my last blog post because of how often we get calls for water damage’s due to water heaters, I thought it appropriate to follow with a tip on the importance of annual maintenance. So Minneapolis, let’s get flushing!

Flushing water heaters, that is!

What happens when a contractor flushes my water heater?

A service technician attaches a hose to your tank, empties it into an approved drain, then fills the water back up. In the process, they clear out sediment and other buildups inside the tank and provide a clean and clear surface for heating water. In most cases, they will clean and inspect rods, ventilation and other important parts.

Why should I get my water heater flushed?

Much like changing your car’s oil, your water heater needs regular maintenance for top performance. A water heater flush clears out sediment and minerals, such as calcium and lime, that could impede your heater’s performance.

How often should I get my water heater flushed?

Most manufacturers recommend flushing your water heater at least once per year.

The need for flushing depends on water quality and region. The harder the water, the more likely you’ll need a more frequent flush. Overall, it’s a good idea to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations unless your trusted service provider says otherwise. To avoid water damage, it’s a good idea to have your water heater inspected and maintained.

What can happen if I don’t flush my water heater?

In addition to decreased energy efficiency, leaving sediment to build up in your heater can lead to serious problems.

Over the long term, sediment buildup can cause even more harm. Common issues can be a loss of water pressure or worse yet burst pipes causing water damage in your home. With enough sediment buildup, your tank can even just stop working.

So my research proves it is just best to do the yearly maintenance on your water heater to avoid an unwanted water damage to your home (or business) and to preserve the life of your water heater!


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