Wet Basements With Water Damage Need Immediate Attention

water damage minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolis, water damage restoration minneapolisAn extended cold season and plenty of Minneapolis snow can build up moisture around your basement, and heavy spring water runoff may soak into the ground around your home, causing a problem for residential properties that have basements. Be proactive by plugging weeping tiles, sealing existing cracks and repairing any visible foundation deterioration before water causes significant damage to your home.

Cracks Are A Sign Of Future Damage

A crack in the wall can be a warning sign that some water damage is occurring, or it can be a sign of some other structural problem. Usually cracking occurs from excessive moisture from weather and climate or  inadequate drainage from soggy soil. Pay attention to cracks in window seals and door panes too, as this could point to water damage. A crack can be the cause and/or the effect of water seepage in your basement.

Efflorescence Or Chalky, White Residue

Efflorescence is a white mineral deposit build-up on materials such as brick, concrete, and clay tiles. Minerals, such as salts, are carried into and dissolved within the masonry material as the water passes through. When the water evaporates, the minerals are left on the surface. 

In some cases, water infiltration is so pronounced that the efflorescence leaves a distinct water line on the walls. Stains high on the wall could indicate a problem with soil grading; you’ll see a white haze that feels dry and slightly rough to the touch.

Damage To Stored Items

Whether your basement is finished with wall to wall carpet in the media room, or stacked to the ceiling with cardboard boxes,  any amount of water can destroy your household goods. Even worse, if you don’t walk downstairs everyday, even a slow leak can create a lot of damage. As soon as you suspect a water intrusion, call your local water damage professionals to investigate.

Molds And Mildew

A moist basement may contribute to the growth of mold and mildew indoors. Although widespread in the natural world, today few homeowners intentionally permit fungi to grow and spread inside residential living spaces. Yet if sufficient moisture exists in the home, molds may begin growing on wood, drywall or other surfaces. A dark basement sometimes contributes to this problem.


Basements with water leaks may harbor another type of health threat. Maintaining your basement in a clean, dry, secure condition helps discourage these insects from disturbing your household. By acting quickly to correct wet, dank basement conditions, you’ll potentially safeguard the health interests of your loved ones, as well as avoiding annoyances. 

Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis

Minneapolis based company, 24Restore, offers expert support for water damaged basements. The experienced team can evaluate the damage, assess the extent of needed repairs, prepare an accurate estimate and provide cleanup. The technicians will stop mold causing moisture at the source, then remove, cleanup and restore damaged parts of your home or business to like new condition. 

24Restore offers fast response; someone will be in route to your home within one hour. For more than fifteen years, 24Restore’s technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle all kinds of water problems. 

If your home does suffer from winter water damage, don’t let it sit overnight or wait to hear from your insurance company. Contact professional help immediately.