Four Ways To Detect Water Damage Early

water damage minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolisIt is critical to detect water damage in your home early to prevent as much damage as possible. Sometimes, this is impossible in the cases of sudden flooding or burst pipes. However, a large percentage of water damage occurs slowly and gradually over time. This type of water damage will cause serious issues in your home. Water Damage can be hard to detect sometimes though, so we at 24 Restore in the Minneapolis area recommend you do the following to catch water damage in your home and stop it in its tracks.

Check Your Water Bill And Water Meter

All this requires is taking a few extra moments to go over your water bill and a couple minutes to check your water usage on your water meter. This is one of the easiest ways to find a flood or leak that is difficult to find without intentionally looking for it.  If you notice a significant or unexplained rise in your water bill or water usage, you may have a leak on your hands. At that point, you can investigate further to find where the water leak is.

Pay Close Attention To Any Musty Smells

No one likes to have a musty house, but many people shrug the smells off and blame bad odors on the age of the home instead of checking for water issues. Don’t settle for a musty home! If you notice a musty smell it means that you have mold brought on by water damage. To have this problem taken care of you should call a professional cleaning and restoration contractor for help as mold removal can be a very difficult and timely process.

Be Attentive Of Any Changes In Your Water Pressure

This is a pretty obvious sign of potential current or future water damage. If your water pressure drastically changes for seemingly no reason, don’t shrug it off. Large changes in your water pressure could indicate a serious problem. Don’t hesitate to investigate the issue. The sooner you find out the cause of the problem, the sooner you can work on solving it. 

Notice Any Discoloration Or Changes In Texture

This is a very obvious sign of water damage and action should be taken immediately if you notice it. If your walls or ceiling have changed color at all in spots or even feel different to the touch, there could be pools of water behind them causing more and more damage every day the problem is left untreated.

When water damage can be prevented, it is worth every effort you have to make sure that happens. Fortunately, all the things mentioned above are very easy and take little time. Just a few extra moments could save your home from massive amounts of damage and save your wallet from a big loss. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 24 Restore in Minneapolis if you notice any of these problems so can save you from the headache of a water damage disaster.