Water damage in Minneapolis

water damage minneapolisDo you know what the second most filed homeowners claim is? It is water damage.  Water can get into your home from many different sources. Whether it is from a leaking appliance or high flood waters outside, once it is in your home you want it out fast.

According to a survey conducted by Simplyjustice almost 40% of all homeowners have experienced loss from water damage. Billions of dollars are spent each year to fix property losses due to water damage. Most water damage is preventable. For those water damage incidents that can’t be prevented, knowing what to do and doing it quickly is the key to minimizing this loss.

Even Small Leaks Cause Major Damage

Water damage can cause many different problems in your Minneapolis home. Even a small water leak can turn into a major problem if left unattended. Once the water gets into your carpets, in the drywall, or into other cracks and crevices it can quickly become a big problem.

Water Damage Can Lead to Mold Damage

First, water damage smells bad. It puts out a musty odor that is not pleasant. Water can also damage the structure of your home by damaging the structural integrity of your Minneapolis home and it can start growing mold. Mold can be a major problem in your home. Mold is dangerous for your health and can cause breathing problems, skin rashes, watery eyes, and runny noses for all the inhabitants of the home. The only way to prevent mold is to control the moisture levels in your home.

Water damage can be deceiving if you don’t know what to look for. You may think you have the water all cleaned up, but in reality some water cannot be detected without the proper equipment. Water gets in certain areas and creates trapped pockets of moisture.

Act Fast to Prevent Extensive Damage

Did you know that a broken pipe with a small 1/8 inch crack can spray out 250 gallons of water in a matter of minutes? That is a massive amount of water that can find its way into your home. When a water damage disaster strikes your home, or a small water leak occurs you need to act fast and contact water damage cleanup professionals as soon as possible. The longer the water is allowed to sit in your home, the more irreversible damage it will cause. When you contact a water damage cleanup professional you are saving yourself time and money.

The water damage cleanup experts at 24Restore are standing by to help you resolve your water damage disaster. Our certified water damage experts can reach your home within an hour of your call, minimizing the damage caused by the water. We have the proper training and equipment to detect and remove the excess moisture from your Minneapolis home. If you experience a water damage disaster do not hesitate to call a professional, day or night! 24Restore is available 24/7 ready to help you in your water damage emergency.

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