Water, Water Every Where

water damage minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolisThere is an abundance of ways that water can cause damage to your Minneapolis home. While we depend on water for our everyday needs, water damage in our homes can be a very traumatic experience. In water damage situations it is necessary to depend on a water damage cleanup and restoration company to respond immediately, assess the situation, clean up the water and restore the damage. No matter the cause, heavy rains, flooding, appliances or plumbing problems inside your home.

Here are a few of more common causes of water damage:

Mother Nature,

Heavy rain and severe storms can wreak havoc on the foundation and structure of your home. Rainwater makes its way inside the roof or outside walls of your home. This type of water damage can take some time before it is found. The ceiling tiles may start to leak or become discolored, the hidden water damage is the hardest to find. Causing damage to the insulation, wood building materials, and if left unchecked, even the foundation of your home.

Plumbing And Appliances,

Plumbing issues such as plugged and overflowing toilets, tubs, and sinks along with leaking faucets and cracked water lines cans also cause you major headaches and cost tons of money to repair. No matter the cause of the damage you will need to call a team of water damage professionals to restore the damage.

What to look for in a water damage cleanup restoration company.

You want a water damage cleanup company that:

  • Responds 24/7, 365 days a year and works efficiently, with an emergency call out team standing by.
  • Are trained and experienced technicians who have a high customer service rating.
  • Help with filing insurance claims making sure all the correct documents are filed as quickly as possible.
  • Is able to answer all of your water damage cleanup questions and concerns.

Now you know what to look for in a water damage company, but what exactly do they do?

Water Damage Cleanup Steps

  • Water damage assessment team arrives on schedule, assesses the damage and will explain what will need to be done as well as the timeline for restoring your home.
  • The water damage team will help you with your insurance claim during the entire process.
  • Water removal/extraction professional grade equipment will be used to remove all excess water and moisture from your home.
  • Drying of affected areas such as walls, carpets, and furniture.  Air movers and industrial strength fans will be brought in to dry the affected areas of your home.
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions such as clothes, linens, books, pictures, electronics, and documents.
  • Locating the source of water and excess moisture (if you have not discovered the source already).

For all of your water damage needs in the greater Minneapolis area, we hope you will consider calling 24 Restore. We are here to answer any question you may have. It is important that you are prepared for a water damage disaster and at 24Restore we are here to answer all of your water damage related questions. We can also help you with water damage prevention tips. Call us before the water carries you away.