Water Damage Just Waiting to Happen…

water cleanup st paul, water damage cleanup st paulDamage to your home from water can be devastating. Not only does excess moisture ruin your possessions, it can lead to structural problems and a mold infestation. According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the U.S. experience an emergency each day, and 98% of basements will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime. Water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year; the average insurance claim is $6,965. Home damage can come from one of two sources: Mother Nature and the home itself.

Causes of Weather-Related Damage

Floods are the most expensive cause of water damage claims. Minnesota is susceptible to rain, ice, and snow. The most common causes are:

● Slow-moving thunderstorms.
● A dam/levee failure from the sustained heavy rain.
● A sudden release of water held by an ice jam.
● Rainfalls or snow melts that exceed the capacity of underground drainage pipes and sewage systems.
● Floods after wildfires which reduce the capacity of the ground to absorb water.
● Urbanization, such as paving, which reduces rainfall absorption and increases runoff.

All of these can destroy your home and damage your belongings but it’s impossible to foresee which weather conditions will affect your home. So, after a flood, the most important thing is to get help from a full-service clean-up team to preempt mold growth.

Trouble With Appliances

Any household items that use water can fail and leak. Even the ice maker in your refrigerator is susceptible.

Hot Water Heaters

Out of sight can be out of mind. But 75 percent of hot water heaters will fail and cost an average of $4,444. An annual inspection will help you gauge when (not if) yours will break. Don’t try to extend the timeframe beyond the recommendation, these leaks are even more expensive if located on the second floor.


Attic air conditioners can cause the most damage because water can leak throughout the entire home. Install a drainpipe to remove the overflowing water and direct it outside. This is an alternative to using a drain pan, which will only help contain any leaks that may occur for about two minutes.

Washing Machines and Refrigerators

Leaks around water hoses are a warning sign of future failure. Make it a habit to notice hoses for cracking, dryness or rust. Replace your hoses every five years despite their outward appearance; the small expense is a good investment. Minnesota based 24Restore can evaluate the damage, assess the extent of needed repairs, prepare an accurate estimate and provide cleanup.

Prevention is the Key

Here are some ‘best practices’ for avoiding a disaster in your home:

● When going on vacation for an extended period, turn off your main water supply.
● Never put in a load of laundry or run the dishwasher when you are not home. Appliances have a way of breaking when no one is home, and when that happens, the water can flow uncontained for hours before anyone realizes.
● Make sure that downspouts are well away from the foundation of your home.
● If you have a sump pump, consider an auxiliary back up system if you lose power. Failed sump pumps are a significant cause of water damage in basements.
● Periodically check under sinks to look for telltale signs of water damage. Slow leaks can not only cause damage to the flooring; it can be a place that harbors mold growth.

24 Hour Clean-up and Restoration

Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, the full team includes carpenters, IICRC Certified Drying Technicians, project managers, and staff. 24Restore has developed a strong subcontractor network in Minneapolis and ensures that anyone sent to work in your home has passed a criminal background check and is fully insured. Call (612) 255-9578 and someone will be in route to your home within one hour.