The Six Main Sources Of Water Damage

water cleanup st paul, water damage cleanup st paulWater damage can manifest itself in many ways. It can also come from a vast variety of sources. Understanding what these common sources of water damage are is very important to you in your water damage prevention efforts. This is because being diligent about water damage prevention can be a menial and time-consuming task, but if you focus the majority of your efforts on the areas of your home most likely to undergo water damage you will save yourself a considerable amount of time. Our team of certified technicians at 24 Restore in the St. Paul area are experienced in cleaning up the results of all the sources of water damage listed below and are here to help at a moment’s notice, but we hope you won’t ever need to make that call!

Leaky Roof

It’s worth the investment to make sure that you have quality roofing. This is especially true in areas that get a lot of precipitation. If too much weight adds up on your roof it could cause cracks to form or the roof to cave in altogether. Don’t take the risk with this one and invest in a quality roof.


Any appliances that contain water all have the potential to malfunction and cause water damage. If the appliance is old or damaged, you run the risk of a leak occurring at any time, most inconveniently when you’re not around.  By routine maintenance and checking for potential small leaks, you can be proactive in preventing bigger problems.


It’s important to have your plumbing regularly inspected to make sure everything is working properly. Old, rusted, or cracked pipes can lead to a very serious need for water damage cleanup very quickly.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems may be very effective at mitigating the effects of a fire, but they won’t be doing you much good if they go off unintentionally. You should have your home sprinkler system, if you have one, inspected regularly to make sure such an unfortunate mishap doesn’t happen to you.

Water/Sewage Systems

A backed up sewage line can be very frustrating to discover and causes an unhealthy situation. Backed up lines can be caused by roots in your plumbing, flooding from a storm or just a simple block in the line. No matter the cause, you will have contaminated black water flowing through the building which can cause serious health effects if not handled professionally.

Tree Roots And Landscaping

Slowly growing, encroaching tree roots are a subtle, yet dangerous potential source of water damage. There isn’t a whole lot you can do once your trees are already planted and pipes are running through the ground near your home. However, if you are planting new trees or have any control over the placement of trees and pipes you should make sure they are far enough away as to never be on a collision course. Roots growing into your pipes could cause them to burst and make a major mess.

Keep a close eye out around your home for anything that could contribute to any of these six sources of water damage being triggered. Hopefully, that is sufficient to keep your home water damage free, but if not the pros at 24 Restore in St. Paul is ready to help day or night!