Tips to Help Prevent Fire Damage


fire damage minneapolisFire damage is one of the scariest threats homeowners face. Upwards of ten billion dollars is lost each year. Even worse, thousands of people die in fires every year. While some of these fires are inevitable and unpreventable, many of them are preventable. Here are a few of the main causes of fires and what actions can be taken to prevent them from ever happening.

Cooking Equipment

There are two main types of fire that come from cooking equipment. First, grease splatters can take just seconds to cause a fire. If a grease fire starts, DO NOT use water to put it out. Water will make the flame grow bigger. Shut off the oxygen supply to the fire if possible. If that doesn’t work pour as much baking soda on the fire as possible.

The second type of fire is simple. It occurs when combustible objects get too close to the heat source and catch fire. The prevention to this is common sense. Just stay in the kitchen while cooking and pay close attention. Just like you teach your children that stoves are hot, it is a good idea to teach them to keep things safely away from the stove.

Electrical Equipment

Faulty electrical equipment is one of the leading causes of house fires. You will want to look out for a few different red flags.

  • Frayed cords or plugs on appliances
  • Overloaded outlets or extension cords
  • Electrical wires running underneath rugs or heavy furniture

Flammable Liquids

We all have many potentially flammable liquids stored throughout our homes and in our garages. If care is not taken around these substances they can be ticking time bombs. Some of those common flammable liquids around our homes are fuels, cleaning agents, adhesives, thinners, and paint just to name a few. Obviously, it’s important to keep these away from heat sources and sources of electricity (even static electricity could lead to an explosion).

Careless Smoking

It is pretty apparent why this could be a hazard. Setting a few ground rules with smoking can decrease the odds of any fire damage occurring. First, make the bedroom off limits to smoking and pay close attention to anyone with a cigarette who is tired or on medication. Second, be smart about where the ashtrays are. Don’t put them near anything that could catch fire and realize that some cigarettes could continue to smolder hours even after they are put in the ash tray.

Heating Equipment

Again, this is pretty common sense. Make sure your furnace and chimney are inspected and cleaned by professionals at least annually. Keep any potentially flammable objects away from heat sources. Also, do not use heaters to dry clothes or shoes. If left for too long the heater could overheat the clothes or shoes and cause them to catch fire.

We all know how dangerous fires can be. Fortunately, in most cases they are preventable. As you really just use commons sense and follow the tips above your home will be a safer place. If fire damage of any sort does occur, here at 24Restore in Minneapolis we work around the clock to help restore your home back to its original condition, in the event of a fire damage.

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