The Truth About Bio-Hazard Cleanup

trauma cleanupWhen it comes to bio-hazard and trauma cleanup, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the industry and how cleanup is performed. As a consumer, it is important to discern the truth from the myths so you can be educated and informed in the unfortunate event that you require bio-recovery services.

Below we address several questions we have received about bio-recovery services and crime scene cleanup.

What is Bio-Recovery?

Bio-recovery is the cleanup and disinfection of crime and trauma scenes. Most people are unaware of the existence of bio-recovery companies, and it isn’t until something happens that they find themselves in need of bio-recovery does the thought ever cross their minds.

Bio-recovery focuses on cleaning and disinfecting bio-hazardous contamination and ensuring the area is clean and safe, removing all microscopic bacteria and blood-borne pathogens.

Don’t the Police do That?

One of the most common public misconceptions about bio-recovery is that the police will handle the cleanup. It is not until someone is in need of bio-recovery services do they find that it is their responsibility to clean and restore the crime scene after the police leave.

It is not easy for bio-recovery companies to advertise their services tastefully, and at 24Restore we focus on education and awareness so our customers can make an informed decision when selecting a bio-recovery company in their time of need. And while crime scene cleanup awareness is growing, there is still need for more education.

What I Can’t See Won’t Hurt Me, Right?

Bio-recovery cleanup has evolved over the years and now involves much more than simply cleaning and disinfecting areas of visible contamination. At 24Restore, we use a system that includes detection, cleaning, disinfecting, and confirmation. This allows us to locate hidden areas of contamination, and ensures that after we have cleaned and disinfected the area, that it is truly safe and free of bacteria and pathogens.

What About Bleach?

When it comes to disinfecting, the first thing many people think of is bleach. And while bleach is effective as a biocide, it is a harmful chemical that can damage fabrics and metals and can cause eye and respiratory irritation. Because of this, bleach is not the preferred method for cleaning bio-hazard contaminant

When you hire a professional bio-recovery company to perform biohazard cleanup, they will use specialized cleaning solutions designed to effectively disinfect bio-hazardous contaminants without harming your belongings or your health.

Are You OSHA-Certified?

This is a common misconception fueled by misleading statements by untrustworthy companies. OSHA does not certify anyone—OSHA enforces federal regulations that protect the safety of employees. OSHA regulates industries and educates employers and employees about hazardous situations including bloodborne pathogens, and regulates how to protect employees from those hazards.

There are independent industry associations that provide training and certification for bio-recovery services. Any truthful bio-recovery company will be willing to discuss their training and certifications with you.

24Restore has been providing trauma scene cleanup for 17 years, and we understand how difficult and emotional these situations are for those affected. We are professionals and offer comprehensive, discrete trauma clean-up in the Minneapolis area. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about bio-recovery and our services.