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24Restore Core Values

24 – Others pretend to have it. We set the standard for it. Always Ready – 24/7/365 Responsibility – Be accountable for our words, deeds, attitudes, effort, and results. No blame games Enjoyment – Take time to reflect on the work we do and celebrate our achievements Have fun Sincerity – Care and respect are the […]

Before & After: Examples of Our Work

Our dedicated team here at 24Restore has been busy helping homeowners repair and restore their properties after a disaster! Check out some of our recently completed projects below. From storm damage to fire damage, we’ve been there to help these homeowners clean up the mess and make some improvements to their homes along the way. […]

24 Restore

Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Reminder! Daylight saving time is almost here — and did you know… it’s turning 100 years old!!! It’ that time of year again to SPRING forward! Whether you find it annoying or not I think you will enjoy these amazing facts!   It survived the Great Depression, World War II, and endless gnashing of teeth about […]


If you are going to eat Turkey this Thanksgiving, deep-fried is the way to go!

It’s hard to beat the irresistible flavor and juiciness of a deep fried turkey. If you have not tried it yet, I highly recommend it. I actually have a hard time eating turkey now any other way because it is just that good. Turkey fryers are widely known for being dangerous and they DO have […]


Gobble Gobble! Turkey Day is right around the Corner!

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week already! I am so excited, and not for the traditional dinner most of you are more than likely anxiously waiting for! Most of my family is not big on turkey (No judgment please), so a few years ago we decided to change it up with a theme! For […]