With Thanksgiving right around the corner SERVING OTHERS is heavily in the air at 24RESTORE! Since Serving Others is part of the core of what 24Restore is all about, we like to kick it up a few extra levels this time of year!  

Again we are asking local businesses this year to Team up with us and SERVE OTHERS!   This requires no kind of binding commitment, just a verbal promise that you will serve at least 5 people in your community and then in return 24Restore will donate $100 to a local food shelf on behalf of your company! It’s a Win Win!

We also decided to kick it up a little more this year and are leaving boxes around town for food donations!  For every non-perishable food and item donated 24Restore will match! I cannot think of an easier better way to give thanks!  We will still be doing our annual food drive for CAER Food Shelf  (an event that is a favorite with many of our Team Members!)  right before Thanksgiving but why not do more now!

I challenge you to do more! Get out there and serve someone today! It could be as simple as asking an elderly person if you can put their grocery cart away for them. If you are already great at this, that’s amazing… keep it up! Even if this is something we are naturally good at, there is always room for a little more!

We all know it is way too easy in this world to get caught up in all the negativity, fears and even busyness of life. Staying focused on the good and all the positive things that surround us is so important.  Simply doing something nice for someone is a great way to feel that bright energy and drown out the gloom, no matter what life is throwing at you today.

Looking for some ideas on how to serve others? Search #ServingOthers on facebook to see what 24Restore and others have been doing around their communities to give thanks and SERVE OTHERS!