Rentals Gone Wrong

This is most property investors and rental property managers top major fear! If you find yourself in a situation where this fear becomes a reality, Don’t get overwhelmed or stressed you out. 24Restore CAN HELP! No matter the extent of damage or mess, our highly trained TEAM knows exactly what to do and where to start to get your rental property back up and running quickly!

What to do after Discovering Damage

In some cases you’ll find the damage to your property before your tenant moves out, such as in a move-out inspection or a regular visit to the property. However, it’s not rare to discover damage after it’s too late. If your tenant has moved on, there might be little you can do to recoup money for the damages.

The damage to your property might also be caused by something other than the tenant, including natural disasters (water or fire damage), burglars or vandals, hoarders, pests, or deterioration from letting the property sit vacant. In these cases there isn’t much you can do to get money back for the costs of repairs – you’ll have to shoulder most of the burden yourself.

In either situation, your first step upon discovering damage to your property should be to thoroughly document everything you can. Take pictures of any damage you can see, including secondary damage. This will be important later on, especially if you’re filing charges against your tenant or trying to collect insurance on the property. 24Restore will help you with this process by taking before (and after) pictures and documenting damage.

Once you’ve collected a record of the damage to your property, your course of action will vary depending on what you want to do. If you’re filing charges against a former tenant for the damages you may need to let the police view the property before making any repairs. Similarly, insurance claims could require an adjuster to inspect the damage before they can authorize any payments for repairs. 24Restore will work with your Insurance company to make the claims process go as smooth as possible.

No matter the cause or amount of damage to your property, we are the only phone call you need to make to get your job done right… call us today at 763-753-8080.

Check out these amazing before and after pictures of a rental property clean up that we just completed!