5th Annual SERVING OTHERS Event

fire damage restoration minneapolis, project serving others Not only does 24Restore Strive to be the best in the industry for Water and Fire Damage Restoration, but we are also passionate about our core values. Our core values are not just words on the wall in the break room, it is what keeps us moving forward and growing better as a company and as individuals each day!

Every year we make it a goal to take our passion for our core values to another level! This year we have done just that!

If you follow the 24Restore facebook page you know that “Serving Others” has been fiercely on the move around the office with all the Team Members …and beyond. Team 24Restore anonymously and randomly does something nice for another. Whether it is something as simple as washing someone’s car or buying someone something you know they would love or have been wanting. Many times it is the simplest thing that can make someone’s day a little brighter!

fire damage restoration minneapolis, project serving others3 years ago we thought how could we spread it even further… beyond our concrete walls. So we decided to challenge ourselves to see if we could get 100 local companies to join us in serving others. All they would have to do is verbally commit to serving a minimum of 5 other people and then 24Restore would donate $100 to a local food shelf on behalf of their company during our Annual Serving Others Event, which is always held right before Thanksgiving. Within 3 weeks we had 100 signatures! It was incredible to see the response and eagerness of people wanting to jump on our serving others train! To inspire 500+ random acts of kindness in the world is beyond words EXCITING!

This year for our 5th Annual Serving Others event we of course, in 24Restore fashion, kicked it up yet again! Instead of $100 donation for any company wanting to join us we created a ‘serving others’ challenge where companies could earn up to $10,000 donated to a local food shelf in their honor! It has been amazing to see our community jump on board with us yet again serving others!!!

Also a super exciting addition this year was having 1-800-BoardUp alongside us as well as the Coon Rapids Fire Department for the event! Extremely monumental and I can not thank them all enough!

This past Wednesday, November 14th, the epic event took place! The Coon Rapids fire truck and 1-800-BoardUp led the long fleet of our 50+ Team Members in 24Restore trucks and cars. (You have to see the drone footage of this on our facebook page! Very impressive!) to our local Coborn’s Grocery Store to stir it up!!! They broke up into teams, with the same shopping list and then flew through the aisles collecting their items to be the champion! Let’s face it, everyone wins with this event! We then brought 1,853 pounds of food to the CAER Food Shelf in Elk River, plus cash donations in honor of all who joined us!

Many of our Team Members at 24Restore say this is one of their most favorite events we do as a company. Not only is it great team building but giving back to your community is such a rewarding and gratifying experience! We have a couple new ideas for next year and our goal as always is to definitely DO MORE!  That’s what it is all about, doing a little more each day, each week, each year for someone else!!!  #servingothers 

If you would like to see the full album of our event check it out here:


The link to the epic drone video is here: https://www.facebook.com/24Restore/videos/581995405569681/

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Looking for some inspiration? Just search #servingothers on Facebook to see some of 24Restore’s Random Acts of Kindness!