Project “Serving Others” and the 24Restore 3rd Annual Food Drive Event

24 Restore MinneapolisNot only does 24Restore strive to be the best in the industry for Water and Fire Damage Restoration, we are passionate about our core values. Our core values are not just words on the wall in the break room, it is what keeps us moving forward and growing better as a company and as individuals each day!

This past year we have been taking one of our core values to another level! “Serving Others” has been fiercely on the move around the office with all the Team Members anonymously and randomly doing something nice for another. Whether it is something as simple as washing someone’s car or buying them something you know they would love or have been wanting.

With the Holidays coming we thought how could we spread it even further… beyond our concrete walls. In October we 24Restore Minneapolisdecided to challenge ourselves to see if we could get 100 local companies to join us in serving others. All they would have to do is verbally commit to serving a minimum of 5 other people and then 24Restore would donate $100 to a local food shelf on behalf of their company during our Annual Food Drive Event, which is always held right before Thanksgiving. Within 3 weeks we had 100 signatures! It was incredible to see the response and eagerness of people wanting to jump on our serving others train! To inspire 500+ random acts of kindness in the world is beyond words EXCITING!

24RestoreOn November 16th, 38 of our Team Members in a long fleet of 24Restore trucks and cars headed to our local Coborns Grocery Store to stir it up!!! They broke up into 19 Teams, each team with the same shopping list and flew through the aisles collecting their items to be the champion! We then brought 964 pounds of food to the CAER Food Shelf in Elk River. In honor of the 100 companies that joined us “serving others” we split the $10,000.00 we promised to donate on their behalf between CAER and the Christian Cupboard. That made our donation this year DOUBLE from what we have done in the past!

Many of our team members at 24Restore say this is one of their most favorite events we do as a company, Not only is it great team building but giving back to your community is such a rewarding experience! We have a couple ideas for next year and our goal is to definitely DO MORE!  That’s what it is all about, doing a little more each day, each week, each year for someone else!!!  #servingothers

If you would like to see the full album of our Event check them out here.

Looking for some inspiration? Search #servingothers on Facebook to see some of 24Restore’s Random Acts of Kindness

We would like to give abundant THANKS to Our Partners in “Serving Others”!!!

  1. Troy Beckman Agency
  2. Robyn Arneson Agency
  3. Mike Orn Agency
  4. Cindy Larsen Agency
  5. Nathan Bialke Agency
  6. Elk Agency
  7. Granite Shores Residents
  8. Integrity Insurance Group
  9. Randy Sonnenfeld Agency
  10. Dean’s Professional Plumbing
  11. State Insurance Agency
  12. Derek McCoy Agency
  13. Jason Danielson Agency
  14. Grant Lang Agency
  15. Tim Jordon Agency
  16. Duey Hoefer Agency
  17. Tradewind Properties
  18. Pampusch Insurance Agency
  19. Girtz Insurance Financial Services
  20. Becky Meierhofer Agency
  21. Cory Laugen Agency
  22. Metro Insurance Brokers
  23. Insurance Specialist Team
  24. Dan Olson Agency
  25. Foster-White Insurance Agency
  26. Bullseye Properties
  27. Tim Whitacre Agency
  28. Jana Chuinard Agency
  29. Insurance Brokers of Minnesota
  30. Zachman Insurance Agency
  31. Chris Chapman Agency
  32. Mark Olson Agency
  33. Insurance Center of Buffalo
  34. Linden Hills Reality Group
  35. Insurance Brokers of MN in Buffalo
  36. Joe Thatcher Agency
  37. Oakwood Insurance Agency
  38. Advanced Innovative Management
  39. Curt Van Oort Agency
  40. Andy Hedlund Agency
  41. Cary Charlson State Farm Agency
  42. Michelle Stinson American Family Agency
  43. Scott Roth State Farm Agency
  44. Tom Voyen State Farm Agency
  45. Ivance Company
  46. Lancette Agency
  47. LaNasa Agency
  48. Mike Howes Agency
  49. Michael Giovinazzo Agency
  50. Lynn Moe Agency
  51. Dan Lasch Agency
  52. David Alt Allstate Agency
  53. Associated Insurance Counselors
  54. Mary Kostelnik Farmers Insurance
  55. Garry Insurance Center
  56. Kim Bennett AFI
  57. Tim Zarembinski Agency
  58. Dennis Nelson Agency
  59. Hank Allworden Agency
  60. Bruce Wagner Agency
  61. Deleski Agency
  62. Brown Agency
  63. Petkoff Agency
  64. Michael Miller Agency
  65. Quality Insurance Service
  66. Frank Andreotti Agency
  67. Ekblad Pardee and Bewell Inc.
  68. Jake the Plumber
  69. Greater Midwest Insurance
  70. Dietz-Kane Agency
  71. Paul J. Gidley Agency
  72. Juan Cervantes Agency
  73. Tom Baecker Allstate Agency
  74. Paul Markert Agency
  75. Northwest Insurance Brokers
  76. Lori Zimmerman State Farm Agency
  77. Nick Hauer Agency
  78. Sandra Achterling Agency
  79. Central Insurance Agency
  80. Farm Bureau Insurance
  81. Peoples State Insurance Agency
  82. Kurt Driver Allstate Insurance
  83. Erikson Financial Group
  84. BWS Plumbing, Heating and AC
  85. Casey Charlson Agency
  86. Denise Aasen Agency
  87. Chad Babcock Agency
  88. Perrine Agency
  89. Kevin Bohlig Agency
  90. Gladwin Agency
  91. Miguel Medrauo/Cecilia Ayala Agency
  92. Wiser Insurance Agency
  93. Insurance Advantage Agency
  94. Mark Arens Agency
  95. Higgins Insurance Agency
  96. Sharper Management, LLC
  97. Gaughan Companies
  98. Cities Management
  99. CB Richard Ellis
  100. DC Annis Sewer