Professional Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup in Minneapolis

Deadly car accidentWithin a matter of minutes after a crime or traumatic event, there is a flurry of activity as police, investigators, the forensic team, and EMS workers tackle the investigations. While loved ones begin to process the shock of the situation, the responders work tirelessly to bring closure to the incident. But immediately following the traumatic event, the reality of the situation forces itself upon the loved ones. The special teams diffuse out, but the crime scene remains. The task of cleaning up rests on the family’s shoulders. Cleaning the area effectively is a critical step to restoring safety and beginning the healing process. Trauma and crime scene cleanup involves removing blood and other infectious materials that can’t be done with simple household cleaners. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this alone. 24 Restore in Minneapolis is a qualified and professionally trained industry ready to take this burden away from you just as quickly as it came.


Suicide Cleanup Services

There is nothing more traumatizing than the tragic death of a friend or family member to suicide. Most people think the paramedics and police take care of the cleanup work. Unfortunately, they don’t. This can easily leave you with a physically and emotionally overwhelming situation. Suicide situation aren’t only visually disturbing, they can also be unthinkably dangerous. Diseases can live outside of the human body for many days after the incident. Hepatitis is one of the best examples. Suicide cleanup experts utilize certain equipment and procedures that are crucial to being performed correctly in order to make certain the scene is safe. Our technicians have extensive training and experience cleaning up from suicides and other traumatic incidences.

Homicide Cleanup Services

Homicides can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24/7 trauma cleanup services. We understand this type of situation needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Our technicians are properly trained to handle these unique trauma cleanup cases. No one should handle a homicide cleanup by themselves, as this can result in serious sickness or injury. If you are in need of our services, give us a call and we will quickly dispatch our team and stay until the scene is safe.

Bio Hazard Cleanup Services

Bio Hazard materials take the form of organic material, blood, and airborne pathogens in the aftermath of a traumatic event. Whether it be an accident, violent crime, or the discovery of an unattended death, visible and invisible particles can pose a serious health risk. Let our qualified team ensure the affected area’s safety for you and your family by using our high-end techniques and equipment.

Odor Removal

After someone dies, odor removal is necessary to preserve the structural components of the building. Unseen damage can occur without immediate and proper care. 24 Restore’s rapid response team will not only clean the visibly dirty areas, but we will also attend to odor removal, airborne pathogens, and other unseen risks that can pose serious threats to your safety. We pride ourselves in performing a thorough job.

Professional Services in Minneapolis

24 Restore’s professional team in Minneapolis can take care of the details so you can handle the other important tasks that accompany a traumatic event. Contact us to learn about how our cleanup services can help you manage a difficult and dangerous crime scene.