November 15th is National Clean out your Refrigerator Day!

refrigerator cleanupWhy is this important you ask?

I believe the top reason it was created and placed smack dab in the middle of November by The Whirlpool Corporation, is so it is all clean and cleared out for all those Holiday Leftovers! Now that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?!

Although a rewarding feeling to have the inside of your fridge sparkly clean and organized, checking and cleaning around your fridge is also important! Let me tell you why it is essential for the safety of your home in preventing both a possible fire or water damage.

Many would probably not believe this because they are cold and frozen, but refrigerators can start fires in your home if not taken care of. Refrigerator fires generally occur in the summer when the compressor, which produces the cold air, gets overheated. If the compressor then comes in contact with combustible items, a fire can start. It is recommended to keep adequate ventilation around refrigerators and freezers, vacuuming nearby dust and dirt, and removing trash around the units.

After you vacuum behind and under your fridge to help prevent a fire damage in your home, double check all the water lines to help prevent a possible water damage. Make sure the lines are clean and attached securely. Even better, replace them with a stronger rigid pvc line instead of the flexible plastic tubing that usually comes standard. The PVC pipe is less likely to break. Another great idea to help prevent a water leak is to have a braided steel supply line hooked up to the ice maker. We see a lot of water damages due to breaks in the refrigerator lines.

The 24Restore Team is available to answer questions or to help you through any kind of water, smoke or fire damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.