More On Frozen Pipes And Water Damage

water damage minneapolis, water damage twin citiesIt is no secret that winter in Minnesota means very cold and many times ‘freezing’ temperatures along with strong winds. As you know, we are experiencing that yet again this week around the Minneapolis area. It is a combination that can cause the potential for frozen pipes.  Frozen water inside of a pipe adds pressure and weight, which can eventually crack or burst the pipe.

A burst pipe can have a serious and costly affect on your home or business.  However, there are things you can do to be prepared for these freezing conditions.  And if you do experience a burst pipe, there are steps to take to limit the damage and expedite the clean up process.

24Restore specializes in quick water extraction and aggressive drying of structures (commercial and residential). No job is too small or too big.

Being Prepared

Any areas of your home or business where pipes are present should be well heated during the winter and well insulated.  It’s optimal to keep the temperature above freezing, around 50 degrees Fahrenheit as a minimum to be safe.
If the area cannot be heated, make sure the area is well insulated to help decrease the chance of freezing.

When you know temperatures are going to dip below freezing like they are this week, leaving your faucets dripping and cabinet doors under sinks open can also help prevent pipes from freezing.

But What If A Pipe Has Already Burst …What Do I Do Now?

Know where your main water shutoff valve is.  I know I repeat this over and over in my blogs. But this really is one of the most important things to be aware of to quickly stop the extent of water damage.  Shutting the water off can prevent additional areas of damage from adding to the immediate problem.  Do this assuming it is safe to do so.  Be aware of any electrical devices or open circuits that could cause electrocution.  And if in doubt, always wait for a professional to handle the shutoff.

The temps look like it could warm up a tad next week! I think all of Minneapolis will be singing a hallelujah on that note! I don’t know about you, but I am ready to be past 20 degrees and below for the season.

Also remember as it warms up that frozen pipes can go unnoticed until they start to thaw, that is when they will ‘pop’, break. Keep a watchful eye out. Remember, if you are traveling and going to be gone for a period of time, shut your main water valve off before you leave.

If you are in need of a water damage clean up, call 24Restore to stabilize and fix the situation. We strive to be the only call you will have to make.  Our highly trained mitigation team will be able to take you thru the clean up process. They will also explain to you everything we provide on the restoration side to restore your home or business to the way it was prior the disaster, if not better.

Enjoy the longer days, sunshine and the warmer temps that I know are on the horizon Twin Cities! (I’m speaking it!!!)

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