Avoid Water Damage In Minneapolis By Monitoring Water Pressure

water damage minneapolisMinneapolis homeowners probably notice water pressure when something complicates their processes at home like low water pressure in the shower or when you are doing the dishes. Excessive water pressure is noticeable during these moments as well. But Minneapolis homeowners also have to understand how water damage can be caused by water pressure issues in the home. 

Water Damage Minneapolis Water Pressure Problems

High water pressure can not only wreak havoc on your sensitive skin in the shower but can lead to major water damage in your home. So, how can you find that perfect water pressure that works in the situations that you need, but also is safe for your home?

Here are some reasons why it is important to monitor the water pressure in your home; which will not only make you more comfortable but will also help prevent water damage from occurring.

Find out where your water pressure is currently at

The most accurate way to test the water pressure in your home is to use a pressure gauge. You can find pressure gauges at your local hardware store, and then all you do is hook it up to an exterior hose faucet. To get a baseline reading, make sure that all other faucets and appliances that use water are turned off. Then you simply turn on the faucet and let the gauge get a reading. Generally speaking, the household water pressure should be between 30 and 80 psi. 

Potential causes of low water pressure

If there is a leak in your plumbing, water will escape the pipes before it reaches the faucet which will result in a lower pressure reading. Clogged drains or build-up in pipes can also cause low water pressure because it restricts the flow of water. This can end up causing serious water damage when pipes burst under extra pressure. To keep your appliances running correctly, your showers more comfortable, and less risk of water damage, make sure your water pressure does not fall below 30 psi.

High water pressure puts excess strain on household plumbing

Pipes can only handle so much before they lose integrity and then form leaks or cracks from the extra pressure. Not only does this forceful water increase your risk of water damage, but it also increases your water bill. When your water pressure is too high, you have more water than what is necessary rushing through your pipes, faucets, and appliances. This results in gallons upon gallons upon gallons of wasted water every day. A good psi to aim for when it comes to having enough water pressure, but not too much, is between 60 and 70.

Maintaining ideal water pressure

Water pressure regulators adjust the amount of water reaching your home from the municipal supply and can adjust automatically or manually to ensure that your home is receiving the desired pressure. If you are unable to keep your water pressure under control or are now dealing with water damage, as a result, call 24 Restore. We can handle water damage in Minneapolis from too much water pressure, not enough water pressure, or any other source or cause.