Minneapolis Water Damage: Dealing With House Repairs In 10 Steps

water damage repair minneapolisAt 24 Restore, we believe that all homeowners in Minneapolis should be prepared for the possibility of water damage and major repairs from a flood. That is why we have put together 10 response steps that will help keep you safe and ensure better and faster water damage repairs for your home and property following a flood.

Water Damage Repairs In Minneapolis

  1. Contact your Insurance Agency. Whether or not your policy covers water damage and repairs from flooding, it is still important to reach out to your homeowner’s insurance and let them know what has happened. It is also beneficial to let your insurance agency know which restoration company you are working with. Most restoration companies have experience working with insurance companies and will be able to help file claims or answer questions you may have.

  2. Evaluate the structural integrity before entering a flooded area. When in doubt, do not enter at all until a qualified structural builder or engineer has cleared the home.

  3. Take appropriate steps to ensure safety. For example, you should make sure the power to the area is turned off. Water and electricity do not mix, and the risk of electrocution following flooding is high so it is best to be extra safe and avoid the area altogether until the power has been completely turned off.

  4. Young children and pets should be kept out of the affected area. Flood water is full of harmful contaminants, and exposure to this type of water can cause illness.

  5.  Wear personal protective clothing (rubber gloves, boots, etc.) if you have to be in contact with water, and treat all water as if it is contaminated (most floodwater is). Try to avoid any contact if at all possible.

  6. Document Damage. Take photos of the damage your property has ensued, and make a detailed list of damaged inventory. An adjuster will be sent to your home to evaluate the loss, but do not wait for them to arrive before you begin documenting it yourself. Photos and documentation will help to prove loss mitigation.

  7. Open doors and windows to allow ventilation. Airflow will discourage microbial growth.

  8. Remove furniture or standing items that can be taken out of the area. Any belongings in the affected area will need to be removed before cleanup and restoration can begin, and items that have been damaged beyond repair will only take up space and hold onto unnecessary moisture in the area.

  9. Do not panic. It is stressful and overwhelming when dealing with flooding in your home. However, if you can stay, things will be much easier to deal with.

  10.  Call 24 Restore. Our response is immediate so that we can quickly secure your property and minimize the extent of the damage. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can be there whenever water damage from flooding occurs. It doesn’t matter how big or small the flood damage is, we have the equipment, talent, experience, and expertise to swiftly clean and repair the damage to your property.