Meet Loren Bollig

water damage, storm damage, fire damageLoren has been with Team 24Restore for 13.5 years!!!! Loren works on the construction side of things repairing the damage caused by water damage, storm damage, smoke damage, and fire damage. He is a phenomenally talented asset to our team and we are very grateful to have him apart of our 24Restore family!

Outside of work Loren enjoys spending time with his future wife (Loren is getting married this Saturday! Whoop Whoop!) and their 2 boys. Being a huge sportsman, anytime he can be on a boat fishing or out hunting that’s exactly what he’s doing!

Fun facts about Loren:

  • Favorite food is Wild Meat, and especially in his Dad’s kitchen!
  • Least favorite food is Sushi.
  • Favorite movie is Brave Heart.
  • 3 words that best describe Loren are honest, loyal and hardworking.
  • Dream vacation – fishing, hunting, and a beach all in one!
  • Dream car – a truck with a boat attached! 😉 *(HaHa! I LOVE this one!)

water damage, storm damage, fire damage water damage, storm damage, fire damage