Keeping Pipes Warm During Cold Weather

minneapolis water damage repairCold weather can bring a plethora of problems to a home that is unprepared. One of the leading causes of water damage in the home during frigid months is because of burst pipes. Pipes can often be neglected, particularly because they are out of sight. However, it’s important to keep the home’s pipes in mind as they can cause a lot of problems that can easily be avoided. If they do end up bursting, it is extremely costly to clean up the accompaniment of water damage. 

Minneapolis – Water Damage Repair

Failing to take care of your pipes, especially in winter months, can run a high likelihood of bursting. The ones that are most at risk are in any unheated interior areas such as the attic, basement, and garage. However, even the ones in walls or cabinets can be in jeopardy. With that being said, there are simple solutions that can be taken to avoid pipes bursting.

Keep The Heat On

When leaving the property for long periods of time, it is imperative to keep the heat on. It may be difficult at first to do this because of the costs of gas or electricity, but it will prevent more expensive costs if the pipes burst. When the heat is kept on, it lowers the likelihood of the pipes freezing, then bursting. 

While you are away, the heat doesn’t have to stay as high as if you were there but keeping it set at least 50 degrees is a good idea. This temperature will keep the pipes warm enough to not freeze over. 

Extra Insulation

Some areas in the home need extra help when it comes to insulation. Places like basements or attics don’t usually have great insulation, so it could be beneficial to insulate the pipes in those areas more. Pipes can be fitted with a form of rubber or fiberglass sleeves to prevent freezes. This insulation will keep the pipe closer to the temperature of the water, but will not prevent freezing altogether if the pipe is exposed to prolonged freezing temperatures.

Seal Up Cracks And Holes

To ensure that no cold air makes it into spaces where the pipes run, go around your home and guarantee that every crack or hole is filled. One missed hole can lead to a freeze in the pipes, which can burst a pipe and cause water damage that may not be discovered until irreparable damage has been done. In your home, you can check windows, doors, and the roof. Windows will need to be re-caulked if necessary. You will need good door draft stoppers as well to stop both wind and rain from coming indoors. Inspect the roof as well to see if there needs to be any patching done to prevent leaks. Additionally, look for cracks or holes in the foundation. If you find anything, fill these in completely with concrete patching. All of these can keep both your home and pipes warm. 

When Should I Call A professional?

It’s important to know when to call a professional. Though there are several preventative measures that can be done on your own, there are some things that are better left to professionals. If any project seems difficult or uncomfortable to undertake, a licensed professional such as 24Restore can help out. Not only that, but experts can assist you in water damage repair as well. Even when all the preventative measures are taken, sometimes accidents happen. Keeping your home water damage free is important, especially when done correctly and safely.