It’s Gratitude Season

We have arrived at that time of year when it’s important to take a moment to show thanks for those around you. Your family, your friends, your neighbors and your work tribe. They all deserve their moment in your schedule and life. There’s no greater gift than surrounding yourself with those who inspire you, I feel blessed to be surrounded by people that do just that everyday.

I want to give a huge shout out to the entire 24Restore family. You are all unique, hard working and amazing. The best part of joining this team was to get to meet all of you and be a part of such an inspiring and caring group of people! Thank you to each and everyone one of you for all you do!!! The restoration industry is not a cake walk to say the least.  It takes a true warrior to take on what most of our team does …blood, sweat and tears kinda stuff. If every job could go as smoothly and as quickly as it does on HGTV …don’t we all wish! ;’)

One of our core values at 24Restore is Serving Others. During this season of gratitude I want to encourage you to ‘serve’ someone. Whether its picking up a co-worker their favorite coffee treat or helping a neighbor bring in their groceries. Even a small act of service can have a huge impact on someone. If you would like to share your act of service, we would love to share it! Post it on our fb page

 or Email a pic of you serving others with a brief description and we share it on our facebook page to spread the love and help encourage others to do the same!

Looking for more ideas on serving others? Check out our facebook page *like us while you are there! 😉

OR simply search #ServingOthers on fb to see many great ideas, big and small.

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