How to Protect Your Home from Costly Water Leaks

Do you have an ice maker line in your kitchen? Have you checked it lately to make sure it isn’t leaking? Take precautions today to prevent the headaches of a water leak!

Two of the main causes of water damage calls we get is due to leaks in the kitchen from dishwashers and ice maker water lines. They can be slow drips that accumulate over time and leave costly water damage and even cause potential mold.  A friend of mine recently experienced a water damage in their Minneapolis home. Although their leak wasn’t caused by either of these (it was a polybutylene pipe burst), after having their kitchen gutted as a consequence of the water leak they decided to take precautions to prevent future water leaks, which is what inspired this blog!

The first thing they did was buy several water alarms. These are battery powered devices that have electrodes on the base. If water touches the two electrodes it sets off an alarm. One alarm sits under the kitchen sink, a second one sits behind the dishwasher, and a third one sits behind the fridge. Genius right?! The best part is these alarms are not that expensive (They range from $20 on up) and are available on Amazon. I recommend looking into few different ones to see which one will work best for you and your home. I also find reading the reviews helpful.

They also installed a stronger rigid PVC line instead of the flexible plastic tubing that was used before. The PVC pipe is less likely to break. Not wanting to take any chances, they also ordered a braided steel supply line to hook up to the ice maker. Every house we have moved into that was the first thing my husband did to our refrigerators and washing machines!

I know they can rest easier at night knowing that with a few simple precautions they are less likely to experience another water leak (and water damage) in their kitchen. 


Changing the batteries in your water alarm twice a year is crucial! Just as it is with your smoke detectors, when we “spring ahead” and “fall behind” for Daylight Savings is aways a good and easy reminder to do this!

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