DIY tips for keeping your hardwood floors looking great!

hardwood floor water damage, water damage minneapolis, hardwood floor water damage minneapolisI love having hardwood floors! Some think they are more maintenance but having many different types of flooring in my life I can tell you I way prefer the easy upkeep of hardwood floors. Having 4 kids running around my house definitely causes lots of wear and tear on EVERYTHING, it is just a part of life and I don’t stress about it! In the joys of our daily chaos and trying to maintain my home (along with keeping my head above water), I have learned some useful tips that help prolong the life of my floors!

  • It probably goes without being said, but first things first… adopt a NO SHOES in the house rule! (This really should apply no matter your flooring!)
  • Always sweep or vacuum your floors before you mop!
  • Don’t be fooled and waste your money on hardwood floor cleaners. Many of these have harsh chemicals that will only break down the finish on your floor. Use ½ cup vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water. *optional (for your smelling enjoyment only), add 2-3 drops of essential oil (I love lemon and clove!)
  • Never let standing water sit on hardwood floors as it can cause water damage to your floors, they will warp and it will ruin the wood.
  • After washing by hand or mop, buffing your floors dry with a microfiber cloth can really bring out the shine of your floors.
  • PROTECT! I highly recommend furniture protectors (felt adhesive pads, they come in a variety of sizes) under the legs of everything that sits on your hardwood floors.

Damage to your floors can happen pretty quickly. If your floors suffer from any type of water damage, it is best to contact a certified professional that can help restore your hardwood. Hardwood floors are a solid investment that can be fixed if you contact the right people.

Enjoy the warmth of your home and have a wonderful weekend Minneapolis!