Water Damage Destruction

flood damage minneapolis, flood damage cleanup minneapolis, flood damage repair minneapolisWater damage is a serious problem encountered by thousands of homeowners each year. The damaged caused by flooding can affect just about every part of a home. There are, however, a few areas of the home that are most commonly damaged by flooding. Below are seven of the most commonly damaged parts of a home that our flood cleanup experts at 24 Restore in Minneapolis encounter.


Drywall is easily damaged by flooding. This is because drywall is incredibly porous so it acts like a sponge. This makes it more fragile and may cause irreparable damage.


Your plaster may not need to be replaced after a flood. However, it may require a long time to completely dry out. If the plaster becomes severely cracked or warped, though, it will need to be replaced.


Foam sheets of insulation just need to be hosed off and dried, but muddy fiberglass batts should be thrown out. Cellulose insulation, made of blown-in treated paper, will need to be removed and replaced.


Some types of wood are more easily damaged than others by flooding. The main property of wood that determines how susceptible it is to flooding is how porous it is. Porous woods will absorb the floodwater causing the wood to warp and rot over time.

Pipes and Electrical Wiring

There are a lot of different issues that can spring up when it comes to pipes and electrical wiring. A flood may bring up any of these. If your home is flooded, make sure to shut off the water supply to your home. That way, pipes broken by the flood won’t cause more flooding. You should also shut off your electricity if your home is flooded. This will keep you safe from the risk of being electrocuted.  


A flood can cause a host of problems for the appliances in your home. For one, a flood can damage your appliances so that they don’t function properly and flood your home in the future. Second, they can be shorted out during floods. When this happens, your appliances can leak dangerous and explosive gases into the air. If your appliances are affected by a flood in any way, you should have them professionally cleaned and checked before using them again.

HVAC Systems

Flooding can also cause a lot of different problems for your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units (HVAC). The most common problems flooding in your HVAC systems causes damaged internal electrical systems and doused pilot lights. Fixing this requires the help of a professional HVAC cleaner. HVAC systems are also likely to become muddy and contaminated during a flood. When this happens, you will also need professional help so your HVAC units can be thoroughly cleaned so they don’t blow any contamination through the air in the future.

As you can see, flood damage can seriously damage many parts of your home. To minimize flood damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 24 Restore in Minneapolis as soon as possible after a flood.