Flood Damage Cleanup in Minneapolis with 24 Restore

Just two months ago, Minneapolis experienced the snowiest February in history with 31.5 inches of snow. Now that the sun is peeking out and the weather is beginning to warm up, what happens to the 31 inches of snow?

With rising temperatures come rapid snow melt. Snow melt and rain cause river levels to rise and create water tables, which means more flooding, damage and cleanup. Flash floods happen in a blink of an eye, and before you know it, your basement or commercial building is submerged in water.

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic—just call 24 Restore.


When Do I Call?

As soon as you’ve ensured the safety of your family or employees, contact a flood restoration company immediately. The longer your property is exposed to flood water, the more damages and health risks are involved.


24 Restore offers 24/7 emergency services in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas. They understand the emotional and physical damages involved, so they do the flood restoration and cleanup for you. Professionals even work with your insurance company to make it easier on you.

The most important thing? Do not wait! Putting off a restoration service will cause long-term damage, which ultimately means long-term expenses. Save your time, money, and energy and call the flood damage cleanup professionals as soon as you notice any problems.

I’ve Called the Restoration Pros, What’s Next?

Here are five steps to take once you’ve called a restoration company and are waiting for the professionals to arrive.

  1. Turn off all electricity and power until a technician arrives.
  2. Open windows and doors for air circulation and to allow moisture to escape.
  3. Move furniture, curtains, and rugs outside, and leave them to dry.
  4. Inspect any structural damage such as distortion of walls and floor panels, or erosion of your home’s foundation.

Although these steps will get the job started, they do not guarantee safe and efficient flood damage cleanup.

What to Expect from Technicians

The restoration process can be tricky, so you should be sure to hire only IICRC-certified technicians. This ensures that the problem is addressed correctly the first time.

Disaster restoration crews use a variety of techniques and advanced equipment to complete the cleanup and restoration process. To start, they’ll extract water from the flooded area. They may also use special processes and safety procedures if the flooding involves black or untreated water (which pose additional health risks).

Once all water is extracted, technicians use high-tech equipment to dry the structure and prevent walls, ceilings, and floors from collapsing. Next, they use infrared tools to track and remove mold and mildew.

Did you know?

24 Restore doesn’t just clean and repair structural damage—they’ll also provide emergency board-ups. This prevents thieves and animals from invading your property after a storm. They even offer tree removal, roof repair, and temporary power.

You know you’ve hired a good restoration company when they sanitize and do preventative work. This step reduces the risk of mold and mildew from recurring or from your property flooding again. Contact us for more information on recovering from flood damages.