Five Things To Remember During Fire Damage Repairs

fire repair minneapolis, fire damage minneapolis, fire damage restoration minneapolisWithin minutes of a fire, a building can be engulfed with flames, filled with black smoke, and settled in your home. Once the fire is extinguished the damage still poses a threat. From the experts at 24 Restore, located in Minneapolis, here are five important things to know about fire damage and the steps to repair it:

  1. Although You May Be Tempted, Do Not Clean Up Yourself! Fire damage is still a danger to you. Leftover soot and smoke can cause discoloration and corrosion throughout your home. In addition, the smoke and soot can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses. One of the most important things to do is call professionals to treat and repair the damage. 
  2. Soot In And Of Itself Is A Threat. It is the main reason for illnesses. What even is soot? Soot is the byproduct or the tiny particles from a fire. This can include wood, plastic, metal, etc. Inhaling soot can be very dangerous since it can cause asthma, bronchitis, lung disease, etc. In fact, in severe cases, it can compromise your airway. Would you want to breathe those particles in and potentially compromise your health? Probably not. After a fire, soot can be found throughout the house. This is why extreme precautions are used to treat fire damage. 
  3. Water Damage Can Also Be A Result Of Fire Damage. It seems a little ironic. However, the fire hoses used to extinguish the fire can be harsh. If you’ve ever seen a fire hose to work, you know a lot of water is used at high pressure. Consequently, the lingering water can cause water damage. Therefore, a series of drying and disinfection steps need to occur to ensure mildew and mold will not grow throughout your home. Without these proper steps, mildew and mold have the perfect home to start growing about your house. This also makes it really expensive to repair your home.
  4. A Result Of Water And Fire Damage Is Mold And Other Bacteria. If your property isn’t treated correctly, your home can be susceptible to water, fire, and mold damage. These can overtake your home and leave you with a bigger mess than you did before. Each one is a battle of its own, but all three can compromise your entire home.  This is why it’s crucial to call a professional at the first onset of fire or water damage. 
  5. Call A Professional Immediately. As you can see there are many dangers that come after the fire is extinguished. Many individuals who try to treat their property without training end up harming it more. In addition, time is everything concerning the damage. The longer you wait to treat it, the worse it gets. If a professional is called in a timely manner, the chances of a complete restoration are much higher. Avoid the structural damages, health risks, and infestations and call 24 Restore to help with your fire repair needs. They offer a 24-hour emergency service to ensure the needs of you and your home. We offer a variety of services and are ready to serve those in the Minneapolis area.