Fire Repair: What Actually Happens In A House Fire?

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The progression of a house fire within the first few minutes is a fascinating and important concept to understand. Understanding how quickly this can occur is important because it stresses the importance of altogether preventing fires in the first place. From our fire repair professionals at 24Restore in Minneapolis, below are the steps of the progression of a house within the first five minutes. 

First 30 Seconds

Within the first few seconds, a fire can easily begin to spread. The potential for the flames to spread throughout the home is dependent upon the amount of fuel that the fire has to spread. Furthermore, this first stage is obviously the ideal point when a fire should be put out. Make sure you keep fire extinguishers spread throughout your home so you can quickly extinguish a fire if it starts. 

30-60 Seconds

As the fire grows higher and hotter, more flammable objects and furnishings will ignite from spreading flames, including wooden cabinets and countertops, wallpaper, hanging baskets, and curtains. With the fire moving beyond the stovetop and other areas beginning to burn, a denser plume of hot air and smoke rises and spreads across the ceiling. The hot air from the fire at this point can be incredibly hazardous to inhale due to the heat and the toxic gases produced by the fire. 

1-2 Minutes

As the flames intensify, the heat from the fire will radiate to other parts of the home. It isn’t hot enough to cause them to catch fire, but it is still enough to cause damage. Furthermore, the dangerous odors emanating from the flames will become ever more widespread and even more dangerous. Smoke and soot spread through homes quickly. To ensure that no dangerous smoke and soot residue is left behind, contact a professional fire damage repair team.

2-3 Minutes

The fire begins to consume everything in its path as its heat intensifies. The heat from the fire now reaches up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to kill a person. 

Flashover! 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds

This is the most dangerous point of the fire. As the temperature reaches a scalding 1100 degrees, everything else in the room bursts into flames. The oxygen is completely sucked out of the room to fuel the fire. Glass windows will shatter. Finally, balls of fire and flames shoot out of the doors and windows. At this point, a fire damage repair company will need to be hired to board up and tarp your property to keep it safe from external elements that it may be vulnerable to.

4-5 Minutes

In this final stage, the flames will be easily visible from the street. The fire may have spread throughout the entire home. Roofs and floors will also begin to collapse due to the heat of the fire. 

Fire Repair Professionals In Minneapolis

Once the fire has been put out and the damage settled, your first move should be to call a professional fire repair company for help. At 24Restore in Minneapolis, our fire repair experts are one such company dedicated to helping you restore your home and get your life back to normal after a fire. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our fire repair professionals as soon as you can should your home ever be affected by fire damage.