Clean Your Dryer Vents

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, over 15,600 fires requiring a fire department response start each year in homes. Clogged lint traps and clogged vents in clothes dryers are the cause of many house fires. Cooking still remains to be the number one cause of a fire, and that will be a blog for next week!

Dryers work by forcing hot air through the drum.  That air carries lint with it, which is filtered by the lint trap.  If that trap isn’t cleaned regularly, the flow of hot air is restricted.  As the air heats up, it can eventually ignite the lint buildup. 


  • Clothes drying time is more than 45 minutes
  • Clothes are hotter than normal at the end of the cycle
  • Dryer vent hood flapper doesn’t open when the dryer is on

WHAT TO DO: *Just 2 EASY things!

  • Clean your dryer vent twice a year
  • Clean lint trap before and after each drying cycle

It doesn’t get much easier than that to help prevent a fire in your Minneapolis home!

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