Happy Easter Weekend!

fire damage minneapolis, fire damage cleanup minneapolisWow! Every time I hear the forecast for Minneapolis this weekend it gets better and better! Gotta love that! I am pretty sure I speak for everyone in and around the Twin Cities when I say bring on the heat! We have had so much water and flooding in Minnesota this spring it’s time to feel some sunshine! 

As you’re getting your Easter baskets ready and eggs colored, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that fires are more common during most holidays. With the increased distractions from the celebration and increased grilling and cooking, it is easy to have an accident happen that could create smoke or fire damage. The last thing we all want is a disaster of this magnitude during our family gatherings.

5 Fire Damage Tips To Prevent A Disaster This Easter!

Tip #1: When cooking, be sure to clean any grease on your stovetop or oven that can ignite easily. Keep that area free of any flammable objects like oven mitts or plastic containers. Also, remember to watch your sleeves! Those beautiful flowy bell sleeves (that I love so much) can pose a risk, especially if you love and prefer cooking on a gas range as I do!

Tip #2: If you have candles burning as part of your Easter décor, remember to keep lit candles in safe areas where they cannot be knocked over by children or pets and keep the candles in sight at all times.

Tip #3: If you are firing up the grill for your Easter feast remember to choose a safe location for your grill. Keep grills on a level surface more than ten feet away from the house, garage or other structures. Keep children and pets away, as well as overhanging branches. Grills should not be used on a balcony or under an overhang. Avoid placing grills too close to combustible deck rails.

Tip #4: Never leave unattended ALL of the above. Whether you are cooking inside or outside, always keep an eye out. If you have to walk away for a moment, designate someone to take over for a couple of minutes. Get all hands on deck sorta speak …just makes cooking all the more fun I think!

Tip #5: Make sure your fire extinguishers are up to date. Yes, they do expire for working safety reasons! I have a commercial grade extinguisher in my kitchen that I bring in yearly for service.  Many fire departments will do this for a small fee, some don’t charge at all. You should always have one in an easily accessible spot in the kitchen (under the kitchen sink is probably the most common), and one near your grilling area especially if your outside water is not turned on yet.

Disasters are more common than we think, and they are sadly impossible to fully prevent. The best proactive approach we can take is to be prepared, ready and have a plan for a fire disaster. If you do not have a fire disaster plan, check out some of our other blogs on fire safety in Minneapolis. You will also find more helpful tips that may help you get ready for a potential disaster!

All of us here at 24Restore wish you and your family a very blessed Easter weekend!


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