Electrical Fire Safety

Electrical Safety Month!!

May is electrical safety month. We want everyone to enjoy the month safely and to understand how electrical fire safety measureselectrical fire safety can be taken in your home or office. Electrical fires are a common source of fire in homes and offices that can be avoided by taking a few simple measures. Follow these electrical safety tips to help can keep your home or office safe from dangerous fire hazards. 


  • Always plug major appliances, like refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers, directly into a wall outlet.
  • Never use an extension cord with a major appliance—it can easily overheat and start a fire.
  • Always plug small appliances directly into a wall outlet.
  • Unplug small appliances when you are not using them.
  • Keep lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs away from anything that can burn.
  • Use light bulbs that match there commended wattage on the lamp or fixture.
  • Check electrical cords on appliances often. Replace cracked, damaged and loose electrical cords. Do not try to repair them.


  • Do not overload wall outlets.
  • Insert plugs fully into sockets.
  • Never force a three-prong cord into a two-slot outlet.
  • Install tamper-resistant electrical outlets if you have young children.

Extension Cords, Power Strips, and Surge Protectors

  • Replace worn, old or damaged extension cords right away.
  • Use extension cords for temporary purposes only.
  • Avoid putting cords where they can be damaged or pinched, like under a carpet or rug.
  • Do not overload power strips.
  • Use power strips that have internal overload protection.

Any other electrical problems that need to be met should be done by a licensed and certified electrician. Do not attempt to perform any electrical work that is beyond your knowledge and skill set. Electrical injuries can be severe and even fatal. It is always a good idea to make sure a qualified electrician does all electrical work in your home! If you do experience a fire from an electrical malfunction, call a professional restoration company for immediate cleanup.