Dealing with Trauma Scene Cleanup in St. Paul

Trauma Scene cleanup St Paul

When a crime has been committed, especially a fatal one timing is critical. Timing is not only critical for investigators trying to solve the crime: it is also critical to trauma scene cleanup efforts. The process of dusting for fingerprints, taking photos and collecting evidence is a process that takes time. When the investigation is finished, serious damages to the area may have already happened. Fluids and blood can find their way into porous surfaces such as floorboards and walls, causing stains and bacteria growth.

You may not realize this but blood can be extremely hazardous to your health. When blood is spilled, it is critical that the blood is properly cleaned up in order to protect the residents or any other individual in the area from bloodborne pathogens. These bloodborne pathogens can cause some serious health risks. Existing in the human blood, these pathogens can spread disease from one individual to the next when precautions aren’t taken to remove them from the scene of an crime or even and accident.

Pathogens spread many diseases, including:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV


Don’t try to perform trauma scene cleanup in St. Paul on your own! Not only can it be extremely traumatizing, it can be hazardous if not performed correctly. 24 Restore has certified technicians that have special training and know how to properly perform trauma scene cleanup in St. Paul.


trauma scene cleanup st paul

Here at 24 Restore we understand that your greatest concern is for the safety of your loved ones. Eliminating biohazards such as bodily fluids, blood and bacteria at a crime scene in your residence is essential in protecting your family. 24 Restore can do just that quickly and efficiently. Our fast response services allow us to quickly and completely remove and evidence that a traumatic event ever occurred.

Trauma scene cleanup in St. Paul involves a lot more than just a few mops and a bucket. It is rare that our technician come across something suspicious but when they do, they immediately cease work and contact the appropriate authority.


24 Restore helps St. Paul residents rebuild their sense of personal safety as well as their homes. Take charge of your situation and call in the professionals today. We area available for trauma scene cleanup in St. Paul 24/7/365.