Four Steps In The Content Cleaning Process

contents cleaning minneapolis, professional contents cleaning minneapolisContent cleaning is a critically important aspect of the cleaning and restoration process. The most common steps of the cleaning and restoration process involve restoring the damage done to your home on a larger scale like your walls, carpets, and other structural features. The content cleaning process is more intimate and personal. It involves the cleaning and restoration of your personal belongings and prized possessions. Below are four of the steps in the process that professionals like 24 Restore in the Minneapolis area take during the content restoration process to make sure people like you get their prized possessions back like new once again.

Communicating A Plan

This is an extremely important part of the process. By sitting down and establishing a clear plan for how your possessions will be documented, transported, and restored you can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be properly taken care of. This process also serves to clear up any miscommunications or misunderstandings you may have about the content restoration process so there are no surprises when the process is undertaken. Another important step in this process is that your damaged possessions will be meticulously documented. This way no items get misplaced or left behind when they are packed out to be restored.

Pack Out And Transport

Once everything has been inventoried and plans have been discussed, it is time for everything to be packaged, secured, and ready for transport. Understandably, this is a very stressful time for homeowners to see their most prized possessions taken away for a time. This process can be even more stressful than the disaster itself in some cases. Fortunately, your trusted team of restoration professionals will treat your possessions with the utmost care and concern.


Once all your damaged possessions have been examined or restored the contents cleaners will refer back to the original documentation to ensure that everything has been looked at properly. Due to the serious nature of some damage, they may be unable to restore some of your possessions. If this is the case they will take note and inform you about it. You will have the option to have the items disposed or returned to you to do as you wish with them.

Pack In And Transport

Last, the professional contents cleaners will load up the possessions that were restored and transport them back to you. Again, this only happens with the utmost care and caution so that nothing is damaged during the transport. After this, you should be able to have things back to normal before whatever disaster damaged your possessions in the first place.

If you have experienced a water or fire disaster and need help cleaning and restoring your valuable and sentimental belongings, trust the professionals at 24 Restore who have the equipment, the experience, and the expertise to properly protect, clean, restore, and return your possessions to you. 24 Restore is proud to serve the great community of Minneapolis and will always work hard to minimize any amount of damage that has happened due to a flood or fire.