Contents Cleaning 101 | Minneapolis

Did you know that contents cleaning is a key part in the water damage or fire damage restoration process? That’s great…but what exactly is contents cleaning? 24Restore in Minneapolis can shed some light on that.

Contents Cleaning

When your belongings have been damaged by water, fire, smoke, or mold a contents cleaning company can restore any salvageable items. The restoration process is not as simple as it sounds. There are several steps a contents cleaning company will perform during the restoration process:

  • A “Pack Up”
  • A “Pack Out”
  • Cleaning the Contents
  • Storing the Contents
  • A “Pack Back”
  • An “Unpack”

What exactly does each of these steps involve?

restore my belongingsA “Pack Up”

The “Pack Up” step in the process of packing up any salvageable items, so they can be safely moved to a contents cleaning facility. This process starts with the initial overview of your belongings by the project manager assigned to your restoration project. The project manager will determine how many technicians, trucks, and materials are required to inventory and pack up all your belongings.

During the pack up process, your belongings will be photographed, inventoried, and separated into two groups, unsalvageable and salvageable. Once your belongings have been thoroughly inventoried, they will be safely packaged into boxes, or wrapped in plastic with other protective measures if they are too large for a box. Even some of your belongings that haven’t suffered any damage may be inventoried and packaged. You wouldn’t want these items to become damaged during the cleaning and restoration process of your home.

A “Pack Out”

The pack out steps starts as soon as your items have gone through the pack up process. Once your belongings have been safely loaded into moving trucks, they’ll be transported to an off-site content cleaning facility. If any belongings were packaged that were not in need of cleaning or restoration, they would be transported to a secure storage warehouse until your Minneapolis home was safely restored.

Cleaning the Contents

When it’s time to clean and restore your belonging, packaged items will be opened one by one. Your belongings will be inspected by contents cleaning specialists, who will determine which cleaning method would work the best. The extent of contamination and damage will determine which processes and cleansers will be used. Electronics may be cleaned differently than stuffed animals and clothing.

Storing the Contents

Once your belongings have been cleaned, they are carefully re-packed into new boxes. Restore contents will now be stored in a secure warehouse until they can be returned to your home. Each storage warehouse is equipped with climate-controlled temperatures and security measures to keep your belongings safe.

A “Pack Back”

The “pack back” process is exactly what it sounds like. This is the step where technicians will load your belongings onto a moving truck and transport them back to your Minneapolis home. This step won’t take place until your property has been completed restored.

An “Unpack”

The last step of the contents cleaning process is the “unpack”.  Once your belongings have arrived safely to your home, your belonging will be unpacked and brought inside. Your contents cleaning team will review the inventory list with you as each boxed is unpacked. This gives you the opportunity to inspect each item, while also making sure that nothing has gone missing.

And that, in a nutshell, is what contents cleaning involves. If you have any questions regarding the contents cleaning process or would like to know more about water damage or fire damage restoration give the team at 24Restore a call!