Content Cleaning in Minneapolis

content cleaning minneapolisWhen your Minneapolis home or businesses is struck by a disaster it can be devastating. Water, fire, smoke, and mold can seriously harm a home or businesses’ contents – furniture, important documents and electronics – often requiring professional content cleaning and decontamination.

24 Restore has professionals that will take any salvageable contents, safely pack, thoroughly inventory, and transport those contents to our secure facility.  Once your items arrive at our secure facility our certified technicians will begin the content cleaning process. Your items will be cleaned and deodorized and restore to their original condition. Your items are then securely packaged and stored in our facility until they are read to be returned to you.

Our professionals pay special attention to fabrics and materials to make sure the proper contents cleaning process is used. Every item is unique and should be treated with a special customized cleaning process for the best results.

Not all electronics and artwork can be salvaged but our professionals are detailed oriented and will work hard to minimize replacement costs after a disaster occurs. We will hand clean electronics and artwork to assure the best results possible.

Content Cleaning Services

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Our specialists can effectively clean most upholstered furniture by hand or with specially designed machines.

PACK-OUT AND STORAGE:  Protecting your contents is vital. 24 Restore effectively assesses and photographs all of your contents. Each item is safely wrapped and packaged for the moving process. After the content cleaning process has completed and your items are restored they will be re-packaged and safely stored.

DRYING: Once cleaned, every item is set on drying racks in our deodorizing chamber. This room is climate controlled and uses odor-absorbing materials to completely restore you items.

If you are in need of content cleaning in Minneapolis contact the professionals who care at 24 Restore! We understand that your belongings are more than just material things. Let us help you restore your memories! Call our office today!