Common Myths About Fire And The Truth You Need To Know

Fire Damage MinneapolisIf homeowners share one big fear for the safety of their homes, it is the fear that something will cause a house fire. Fires are devastating in their damage and destruction. Many people may believe some common misconceptions and myths about fire, but it is essential to know everything you can if you find yourself in a fire emergency

Fire Damage—Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here are some common fire misconceptions and what you need to know to stay safe in case of a fire.

Myth #1: Water And Sprinklers Will Cause More Damage Than Fire

If there is a fire, you can be sure water will be used to put it out. Whether you have a home sprinkler system installed or are in a building with one, you may feel more concerned about the damage the water will do to your possessions than the fire. However, sprinkler systems are designed to trigger where there are flames, so the water will not spray everywhere.

After firefighters put out a fire in your home, there will likely be water damage as well. However, any water that occurs will be far less devastating than the fire would be if it is allowed to spread everywhere and burn everything completely. When a restoration company begins to repair your home, they will be able to repair water damage as well as fire damage. It is much more critical that the fire is put out and you are safe than to worry too much about the water damage that may occur.

Myth #2: An Electrical Malfunction Is The Most Common Cause Of House Fires

While electrical malfunctions can be a risk for starting a fire, they are not the most common culprit. In fact, they are a pretty uncommon cause. The most common cause of house fires is cooking accidents, making up approximately fifty percent of house fires. Other common causes are heaters and unsupervised candles. 

Even though electrical malfunctions are not very common, it is still wise to get your home inspected to make sure everything is working correctly. This is an excellent way to prevent any accidental fires in your home.

Myth #3: The Flames Cause The Most Damage In A House Fire

To be clear, flames are hazardous and can be devastating. But what many people do not realize is that smoke is just as—and possibly even more—dangerous and damaging. Even if you are never burned by flames, inhaling large amounts of smoke can be damaging to your health and affect your lungs. Evacuating a burning home or building and getting far away from the smoke is very important.

Smoke also damages your home and possessions. The smell of smoke lingers and is very difficult to get rid of. A fire damage restoration company will be necessary to get the smell removed and the damage repaired for everything in your home.

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