Commercial Water Damage

Commercial, Industrial, Hospitals and Government Water Damage Restoration

fire sprinklerIt’s two o’clock in the morning. A valve breaks in your commercial building in Minneapolis, spewing thousands of gallons of water about your business. The damage is incomprehensible. Ensure the right call is made to the right company to maintain the integrity of your commercial building.

Commercial Water Damage can cripple your Minneapolis business. Damage to a commercial, manufacturing or distribution facility is more debilitating than typical water damage in a home or residence. Faulty sprinkler systems. Malfunctioning, backed-up or broken pipes. Overflowing toilets. Storm Water. All of these factors could cause major damage to your facility if not handled properly and promptly by a professional water damage restoration company.

24Restore has been serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul community for over twenty years, delivering peace of mind to neighboring small business owners, large corporations, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Our dedicated, passionate staff of certified technicians are prepared for any situation that could arise due to water damage. We offer our commercial clients optimum care and equipment to ensure a successful and efficient clean up.

Resources for Your Water Damage Clean Up

  • 25+ Technicians available within 1-3 hours (if needed)
  • 1000+ Air Movers Available
  • 500+ Commercial Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
  • (5) 5500 CFM Desiccant Dehumidifiers (Trailer Sized)

24Restore offers 24 hour emergency water damage services to our clients. Our water damage efforts proudly adhere to the guidelines created by the IICRC to ensure the safest cleanup for your business. 24Restore’s Certified Technicians will gladly visit your Minneapolis commercial property for presentations and tutorials about how to maintain smaller water removal issues as well as how to prevent future loss. The integrity and effectiveness of your building and business are our number one priority.

Improper handling of water damage can result in more dangerous and costly problems in the future such as mold, poor indoor air quality and health issues experienced by employees and customers. Our goal is to fix your water damage right the first time, doing everything possible to ensure issues do not affect your business after the job is done.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.