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Don’t Panic! Trauma Cleanup in Minneapolis

You may not know this but when a tragedy strikes, cleaning up after a trauma is just one of the many tasks relatives or property owners have to deal with. No one wants to have to clean up after a traumatic event, especially if it was a loved one. Did you know that 24Restore offers […]

Professional Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup in Minneapolis

Within a matter of minutes after a crime or traumatic event, there is a flurry of activity as police, investigators, the forensic team, and EMS workers tackle the investigations. While loved ones begin to process the shock of the situation, the responders work tirelessly to bring closure to the incident. But immediately following the traumatic […]

Dealing with Trauma Scene Cleanup in St. Paul

When a crime has been committed, especially a fatal one timing is critical. Timing is not only critical for investigators trying to solve the crime: it is also critical to trauma scene cleanup efforts. The process of dusting for fingerprints, taking photos and collecting evidence is a process that takes time. When the investigation is […]

Professional Trauma Cleanup Minneapolis

When an event turns violent it can leave behind horrible trauma scenes. Ordinarily, when violent events occur it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up the resulting mess of the disaster left behind. Depending on the incident, there are organizations like 24 Restore that assist with the cleaning and repair of these […]

The Truth About Bio-Hazard Cleanup

When it comes to bio-hazard and trauma cleanup, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the industry and how cleanup is performed. As a consumer, it is important to discern the truth from the myths so you can be educated and informed in the unfortunate event that you require bio-recovery services. Below we […]