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Having A Plan Before Water Damage Strikes

There are not a lot of things that make homeowners universally cringe more than the thought of water damage restoration. And yet, it’s one of the most universally dealt-with issues in homes all over America. There are many causes of water damage, and we at 24 Restore are well aware that no home is immune […]

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Preventing Summer Water Damage in Minneapolis

Water Damage Prevention  Summer should be the time of the year you are able to kick back and take a break. The last thing anyone wants is a flood ruining their summer relaxation time. Unfortunately, flooding and water damage are common problems for many homeowners during the summer months. From our restoration experts at 24Restore […]

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Now That Summer Is Officially Here, Let The Grilling Begin!

Summer is finally here and temps are finally heating up. All winter I question why I continue to live in Minneapolis, but I am also a firm believer that no one appreciates warm, sunny days more than a Minnesotan! As long as I can get to my grill without having to shovel a mound of […]

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Termite 101

24Restore recently restored a home that had an astonishing amount of damage due to termites. Due to the business I am in, and the fact that I am also a concerned homeowner, this job lead me on a quest to find out more information on these lil’ pests and how to prevent them from your […]

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Signs, Causes, And Solutions For Stucco Water Damage

Did you choose to adorn your house entirely of stucco? Genius. Not only is stucco visually appealing, but it’s also long-lasting. It does an excellent job at hiding flaws (shout out to the speckled carpet in the living room for hiding all the messes) and naturally regulates the internal temperature of a home. Our favorite […]