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How To Remove Ice Dams

This is the most effective method we have found. *That is, as long as you can safely reach your roof with a roof rake WITHOUT getting on a tall ladder. Whatever you do please stay off your roof. That means NO snow blowers on your roof! It truly alarms me how many homeowners have actually […]

water damage minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolis

10 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

If you read my last blog, you know I recently experienced the disaster of water damage in my basement due to a clogged drain. I had a fantastic plumber come out and clean it and he also gave me a very helpful education on what all plumbers wish all homeowners knew!  My last water damage […]

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The Importance Of Drain Cleaning!

I recently learned a very important life lesson of home maintenance. So important in fact, I feel like a terrible, neglectful homeowner and I am honestly ashamed and embarrassed to share this. I changed my mind about not writing this when I started thinking that sharing my negligent experience could maybe help another homeowner prevent […]

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Four Steps In The Content Cleaning Process

Content cleaning is a critically important aspect of the cleaning and restoration process. The most common steps of the cleaning and restoration process involve restoring the damage done to your home on a larger scale like your walls, carpets, and other structural features. The content cleaning process is more intimate and personal. It involves the […]

water damage minneapolis, water damage cleanup minneapolis

Tis The Season… For Ice Dams!

Many of you are probably not going to agree with me, but I could not be happier with all this snow! Finally, a winter that reminds me of my childhood winters. Growing up in Minneapolis and living here my entire life, I just believe if it’s going to be cold (which ya know it’s going […]