Before & After: Examples of Our Work

Our dedicated team here at 24Restore has been busy helping homeowners repair and restore their properties after a disaster! Check out some of our recently completed projects below. From storm damage to fire damage, we’ve been there to help these homeowners clean up the mess and make some improvements to their homes along the way. […]

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Easy Plumbing Projects For Your Kitchen To Help Prevent Water Damage

Kitchen plumbing fills many homeowners’ hearts with dread. Imagining your kitchen flooded with two feet of water can make you want to surrender before the battle starts. Hiring a plumber has got to be the only way to go, right? Not necessarily. Many people who once believed that calling in a plumber was the only […]

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Daylight Savings Time Reminder

Reminder! Daylight saving time is almost here — and did you know… it’s turning 100 years old!!! It’ that time of year again to SPRING forward! Whether you find it annoying or not I think you will enjoy these amazing facts!   It survived the Great Depression, World War II, and endless gnashing of teeth about […]

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Regularly Flushing Water Heaters

Manufacturers recommend getting your water heater flushed annually, but what does “flushed” really mean? And do you really need to flush it that often?  As a follow up to my last blog post because of how often we get calls for water damage’s due to water heaters, I thought it appropriate to follow with a […]

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Tips on preventing water damage from your water heater

Short of a fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of a property than leaking water. It is estimated that water from failing or frozen pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures and appliances cause 65% of damage to properties. Many property owners are not aware that water heaters are a leading cause of residential water damages. […]