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Prevent A Water Disaster In Your Minneapolis Home Or Business This Spring

Yesterday marked the first day of spring!!! WoHooooo!!! Who’s ready after that doozy of a winter! Spring in Minnesota is obviously going to be a wet one. Between the massive piles of snow melting all over the place and the ground already soaked due to that crazy rain last week. It’s not surprising that spring […]

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Checking For Outside Water Damage

Homeowners can experience sudden accidental water event like a burst pipe or wind-driven rain. Sadly, more damage is caused by poor home maintenance: overfilled gutters, lack of roof upkeep, and ignored leaks. To protect your Minneapolis home and your possessions from water damage, keep up with simple, regular inspections and make needed repairs. Maintain Your Home’s […]

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How To Remove Ice Dams

This is the most effective method we have found. *That is, as long as you can safely reach your roof with a roof rake WITHOUT getting on a tall ladder. Whatever you do please stay off your roof. That means NO snow blowers on your roof! It truly alarms me how many homeowners have actually […]

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10 Things Your Plumber Wants You To Know

If you read my last blog, you know I recently experienced the disaster of water damage in my basement due to a clogged drain. I had a fantastic plumber come out and clean it and he also gave me a very helpful education on what all plumbers wish all homeowners knew!  My last water damage […]

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The Importance Of Drain Cleaning!

I recently learned a very important life lesson of home maintenance. So important in fact, I feel like a terrible, neglectful homeowner and I am honestly ashamed and embarrassed to share this. I changed my mind about not writing this when I started thinking that sharing my negligent experience could maybe help another homeowner prevent […]