During The Coronavirus Pandemic….

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Frozen Pipe Water Damage Problems

Minneapolis, Minnesota receives an average of 52 inches of snow a year and has an average high temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months Brrr. Right? This type of winter can lead to frozen pipes which can later lead to a pipe bursting. Even though cities such as these are vulnerable to frozen pipes […]

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Coronavirus: Be Prepared Today

Decontamination and cleaning is what 24Restore does on a daily basis. We have the equipment to address viruses, bacteria, microbial growth and other pathogens. Our highly trained technicians will decontaminate your facility by properly applying disinfectants. EPA and FDA approved against COVID-19 and other common viruses. Viral and bacterial infections are a constant threat in […]

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Prepping For Frozen Pipe Water Damage

A weekend warm up is happening, Minneapolis! As I have been repeating in my last few blogs, we all know these bitter temps can do terrible things to our homes and especially our pipes. Be on the look out as the temperatures rise, this is when a frozen pipe likes to make a big presence […]

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More On Frozen Pipes And Water Damage

It is no secret that winter in Minnesota means very cold and many times ‘freezing’ temperatures along with strong winds. As you know, we are experiencing that yet again this week around the Minneapolis area. It is a combination that can cause the potential for frozen pipes.  Frozen water inside of a pipe adds pressure […]