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Regularly Flushing Water Heaters

Manufacturers recommend getting your water heater flushed annually, but what does “flushed” really mean? And do you really need to flush it that often?  As a follow up to my last blog post because of how often we get calls for water damage’s due to water heaters, I thought it appropriate to follow with a […]

water damage minneapolis, residential water damage minneapolis

Tips on preventing water damage from your water heater

Short of a fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of a property than leaking water. It is estimated that water from failing or frozen pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures and appliances cause 65% of damage to properties. Many property owners are not aware that water heaters are a leading cause of residential water damages. […]

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Four Ways to Prevent Water Damage by Frozen Pipes:

  Bursting pipes are the lead cause of water damage within homes. What are the best ways to stop your pipes from freezing? Keep your house on a regular temperature schedule. If you’re trying to save money by turning the heat down at night, compromise by keeping it lower throughout the day so as to […]

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DIY tips for keeping your hardwood floors looking great!

I love having hardwood floors! Some think they are more maintenance but having many different types of flooring in my life I can tell you I way prefer the easy upkeep of hardwood floors. Having 4 kids running around my house definitely causes lots of wear and tear on EVERYTHING, it is just a part […]

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DIY: A Fast and Low-Cost Way to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Happy February Minneapolis! Unfortunately, those temps have yet dropped again! Gotta just love the way Minnesota teases us in the winter with a 40-degree day, only to drop a mere 50 degrees the next day (I do honestly find the humor in it even though it truly is a very bitter thing for mother nature […]